to be acknowledge

… when I write a review or praises something here with a post I always send the link to my post to who it may concern – done that for the last 4 months.

It has been quite a few links that has been flying around the world during that time, but only 2 replays so far. Not like I accept anything back when I’m not satisfied and not really even when I have been pleased about things. 

I wrote a post about my Garmin GPS and how I use it as a pedestrian instead of maps when I’m away on my trips – my post;  “somehow I’ll find my way home”– I sent of the link to their customer service here in Sweden – it only took a couple of hours and they came back to me with a very nice email from the Swedish office and following morning I got one from their office in Chicago. Fantastic!!! Couldn’t believe it. That I call customer service of World Class. 

Every restaurant I have reviewed have got the link to my post – none has come back so far until this morning – when Tom Douglas office and his personal assistant Jessica – came back with a big thank you and I’m invited to come back to her in person when I visit Seattle again – my post; “tom’s “lola” … full of flavors”. Doesn’t really matter if the chance is very small that I will go back to Seattle – it’s just wonderful to be acknowledge.

Thank you so much, Jessica and I will come back to you – when back in town.

“Knowledge is the end based on acknowledgement”
Ludwig Wittenstein

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21 thoughts on “to be acknowledge

  1. I’m so glad they acknowledged you. I love your reviews and though I’m not seeing Seattle in my future, if I ever “DO” go there, because of their response to you I would go. Good Karma.

  2. I agree with this. It’s not you’re asking anything in return. It’s the ethics. The values. How you get along with people, especially customers who are the strength of your business. A simple thanks means a lot 🙂

    • In the bottom line … it only takes a couple of minutes … to return a thank you – but companies are really bad at that. The company I worked for had 2 special girls that answered on every email and letter that our customers sent us. Everybody got an replay.

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