a 5 min job ….. chocolate mousse

This dessert is one of my favorites when I’m have to fix something very quickly and it’s totally vegan too … have asked all my guests what they think it’s made off – nobody has got it right so far. So this is a secret I share with you. A while since I did it … but yesterday I was craving for it – never made it .. didn’t have any avocado at home, so that save me those calories … but it gave the idea to make this post. It toke longer time to make the post then it would take to make the mousse. *smile 

5 min job Chocolate Mousse, serves 4
1,5 banana
1 ripe avocado
45ml (3tbsp) nutty butter (almond, hassle or peanut)
60ml (4tbsp) Cacao powder
15ml (1tbsp) chopped dark chocolate
1 pinch sea salt

Just run all the ingredients in a food processor for some minutes until the mixture get a mousse texture. Poor it into nice glasses or pretty cups and put in the fridge for about 30 min.
Decorate with fresh berries for serving.

My music cloud is from the wonderful film “Chocolat” by the Swedish director, Lasse Hallström, the tack is called “Vianne Confronts the Comte Remake”

“All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz

Photos provide by and thanks to;
glassrbije.org/en.wikipedia org

57 thoughts on “a 5 min job ….. chocolate mousse

  1. I don’t like avocado BUT now when I read your amazing post, dear Viveka, there is a beautiful reason for try it again… Seems so beautiful and so delicious. I will make it for weekend, Thank you. And how amazing lady you are, you took me to this beautiful film too now… Love, nia

    • Nia, you’re so welcome .. I promise you that you want taste the avocado because of the cocoa – and banana.
      Please let me know your verdict. *smile
      You’re amazing too .. Nia, you share your world of beautiful stuff too.

    • Thank you … all from google – except the last one that I had on my USB … most recipes I posted so fare have I used google, I can’t cook every dish I done through the years as a chef – I’m dining alone. So it has be with help of ours and google. I have seen it a magazine somewhere, probably when living in UK.

      • It’s a lot more job if you want to do a regular or ordinary mousse .. with whipped cream and melted chocolate.
        This is for the fast lane girls … and it taste fantastic.

      • So do I ….. when I cook for myself .. with guests I can spend a full day in the kitchen – but still I like tasty food when I’m a lonely diner.

      • My foot aches now .. been hanging with … it too long today – time to go to bed and watch some episodes of “Damage”. A sore back must be terrible to deal and live with. Have a good friend, hairdresser, she had terrible back problems many years ago and her doctor to train her stomach muscles – because they are carrying the back – she done every since and never got her pain back, she was in such bad state most days. Amazing that the stomach as something to do with the back. I feel for you.

      • I’m sorry about your foot 😦 Hope you enjoyed your show! You know, I need to workout but with my back being a bit out of whack lately I haven’t. Oh yah… our stomach muscles are the core of our body. I it wraps around our entire torso and supports us. It’s very important to keep those muscles in shape. We don’t realize it…

      • Neither she or I thought about it .. and her back has been fine of over 30 years now. Amazing. I should go to the gym too – but I hate it .. so boring. *laughter – I eat ice cream instead.

      • It can be very boring at the gym. I work out at home when I do, it’s better and less expensive. I have DVD’s and an elliptical machine. Then I eat ice cream 🙂

  2. Love bananas, and even more avocado – never got the idea of mixing them together 🙂
    So i’m gonna try this one!
    Oh… and btw – guess which is my favorite film? 🙂

    • Sweetheart … you do it 5 min – with will take longer time to walk over to the post office. Just everything in the processor and 5 min later – ready!!!!!

  3. I love this recipe, Viveka! I’m making it this weekend for sure. I tried a version of this before, without the banana and nut butter, and it was delicious, but I think yours is going to be even better. Can’t wait to taste it.

    • Brilliant … please, come back with you verdict – I like the proper ones too – but they take so long time *smile … and all those pots and pans to clean afterwards . here is only one thing to clean.

      • I couldn’t wait for the weekend- I stopped by the store on the way home from work and got the ingredients so I could make it as soon as I got home. It’s amazing- super creamy and full of rich chocolate flavor. Loved it! Thanks for the recipe.

      • Thank you, Donna for coming back to me …. glad you enjoyed it – I think it’s a FAB dessert and as you said rich as a chocolate mousse should be.

  4. Wow, this is amazing concoction, Viveka! I never thought that you could add avocado and banana together with chocolate to make a lovely chocolate mousse. Thanks for the tip. Btw, hubby does not eat banana so can I just add more avocado instead? 😉

    • I don’t think you should double the avocados – too much .. too rich. Any other smooth fruit will go well .. because it replace the cream. Give it ago – but my guess is it will be far too much of the green stuff. Please, let me know.

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