the name is bond … not, james bond

Something for a quite Sunday morning – until I weak up – Sunday is really my blog-free day, but just as I was closing down .. this come to my mind. 

This is something so explosive and magical – 4 brilliant female violists from UK – crossover  classic pop – they started in 2000  –  Tania Davis (violin), Eos Chater (violin), Elspeth Hanson (5-string violin/viola) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello). The girls have sold well over 4 million records worldwide – they have achieved unprecedented platinum status in over 60 countries = “BOND”!!!!!!

6 albums have they released: Play, Remix Bond, Classified, Shine, Born and Explosive.

They delivery classical music worldwide in a sexy and glamours package. Personal I think they are amazing … had the pleasure to watch them live at Royal Albert Hall in London, September 2000. I was like on drugs after the show – so upbeat and happy of their music. Those girls are electric.

ENJOY!!! and good night world.

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28 thoughts on “the name is bond … not, james bond

    • Yes, isn’t … haven’t listen to them for a while – so about went for one of their album .. and then I felt for present them to other too. They are really magical and nice to look at too. If you click on BOND will you get to their website. Thanks for your support everyday.

    • Yes, I think they are amazing and I think its a great way for young people to connect with classical music – to start off with Bond. Plus the girls have all looks too.

    • Yes, they are… have totally forgotten about them – when I lived in UK I was always up to date with them. So last night did I put one of their CD’s on and out of that came the post.

    • Yes, I think they are amazing and they make me so happy with their music … and they have everything on the right place when it’s about looks to. Same to you.

    • Thank you so much … my taste is very wide .. and I love to jump from one style to another – but those girls are world class. I must admit that I can’t stand listening to one violin – it gives me headache. Good for your girl to learn to play an instrument.

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