men are like ….. for girls eyes only!

Sorry, guys, if you are here … couldn’t recite to post this.

Men are like…..Placemats.
They only show up when there’s food on the table.

Men are like…..Mascara.
They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

Men are like…..Bike helmets.
Handy in an emergency, but otherwise they just look silly.

Men are like…..Government bonds.
They take so long to mature.

Men are like…..Parking spots.
The good ones are taken, and the rest are too small.

Men are like…..Copiers.
You need them for reproduction, but that’s about it.’

Men are like…..Lava lamps.
Fun to look at, but not all that bright.

Men are like…..Bank accounts.
Without a lot of money, they don’t generate much interest.

Men are like…..High heels.
They’re easy to walk on once you get the hang of it.

Men are like…..Curling irons.
They’re always hot, and they’re always in your hair.

Men are like…..Mini skirts.
If you’re not careful, they’ll creep up your legs.

Men are like…..Shoes
Either they are wonderful or comfortable

Men are like…..Chocolate
Avoid the nutty ones

Men are like…..Coffee
The best ones are rich, hot, strong, full-bodied
And they don’t let you fell to sleep at night

Men are like…..Computers
They don’t know what they haven’t learned
And power turns them on

Men are like…..Video
After 3 days you want to return them

Men are like…..Bluethooth
They are attached when nearby,
But searching for devices so soon you’re away

Men are like…..Bananas.
The older they get, the less firm they are.

Men are like…. Horoscopes
They always tells you what to do
And they are always wrong

Men are like…..Blenders
You need one, but you aren’t quite sure why

Men are like…..Noodles
They’re always in hot water, they lack of taste and they need dough

Men are like ….Plungers
They spend most of their time in hardware stores
Or the bathroom

Men are like…..Weather
Nothing can be done to change either of them

Men are like…..Popcorn.
They satisfy you, but only for a little while

Girls, let us be nice to our men –
because they are the only exempels of that special species we have.

Photos provide by and thanks to; motivationalpostersonline.blogspot com


24 thoughts on “men are like ….. for girls eyes only!

  1. hahahah!! ABSOLUTELY! Great post, hun!

    I love this –
    “Men are like…..Bluethooth
    They are attached when nearby,
    But searching for devices so soon you’re away.”

    And I love the song. 😀

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