route rouge

Last Sunday morning was I travelling over to Margurithe to spend my birthday, my curtain maker and friend, that lives in Sjöbo. Had to catch the 08.24 train – so I thought I will give myself a travel mission; RED – to take photos of red objects along during my travel, it makes the journey a bit quicker too. Did “yellow waiting” a couple of weeks back.

There is still quite a lot red around – tired to the same “mission” in February this year and only found 3 objects while walking over to friends of mine.
Started of in my apartment – with my favorite red chair – and my glasses, witch without I wouldn’t even see red. *smile

Walking over the backyard I saw a neighbors balcony – flower boxes full of red geraniums- and our playground has a red slide- and a red backlight on one of all the bicycles catch my eye.
That early on Sunday morning hasn’t the bus-services started at my bus stop – have to walk down to the Town Square to catch bus 3 – but with buses being green – no photo of any bus for this post. So a little cheeky sports car .. walking through the car park and a poster on a pole for a music event that had happen months ago.

Down on the main shopping area there quite a few red objects – shop signs, a beautiful face with a very sensual red mouth from a window display poster at “Gina Tricot”, Manchester United items (not the greatest photo, but red) and a red wellies in shop’s windows, red flowers in shops flower pots and siting at the bus stop I saw a red waste container and red enclosure for a restaurant – on the other side of the street and square – on a distance.

At the supermarket by the train station – plenty of red shopping carts and our red sculpture – that welcomes everyone to Landskrona that  steps of the train with the old water tower in the background and also one of the return banking machines for recycling of drink cans caught my eye. You put the cans into the machine and when finish you press a button and you get a receipt that you give to the check out your shopping and the amount of the returns will be taking of your bill. 1.00SEK/$.015/€0.12/£0.09 for each can or small plastic bottle we put into the machine – big bottles the double amount. All shops that sells soft drink has to take back the empty bottles and cans by law.

In Lund I also caught a bit of red while waiting for the bus – only 10 min waiting, so no time for walking around looking for interesting objects – from the  bus stop I could catch the billboard for the supermarket across the street, some red berries and red autumn leaves.

The last shots are from aboard the bus – our regional busses (the yellow ones) has red seating and .. the display watch in bus – showed – 09.54- 6 min. left to departure.
51 min later was I picked up my friends at the bus station in Sjöbo .. and 4 fantastic days started.

“When in doubt wear red”
Bill Blass

43 thoughts on “route rouge

      • You’re welcome. When I put pictures up it takes me a while to upload them “and” add the content to WordPress for a post. You have lots of pictures so I figured it took a while to put them all in there. 🙂

      • Now I understand … not really – worked on it when it was storming and raining last week. It takes about 2 hours with the writing. At my mums just now .. and travelling back home I will go for a blue journey – exciting to see what blue catch my lens. Have go home today already because my friends funeral is tomorrow. So I think I will it the headline, Monday Blues.

      • I meant I’m sorry for your loss … G+ is part of your sharing links if you look on your page. I shared your post on my G+ site.

        You see on your page you can twitter it (I twittered it too) and then there’s other options for sharing 🙂 So I did … yaah. 🙂

      • Sue, thank you so much – you’re so sweet and thoughtful … learn something new every day. Have to go back and look at my post – not on Twitter – FB and this is more than enough for me. *smile

      • Uuhm… Google Plus is part of gmail. You type my name in which is Sue Tosto and you should find me easily. It’s the one with the picture. 🙂

    • Thank you so much – somebody told me that we should celebrate so many time per year as our birth years – so I can celebrate today too and I still have 62 times left. Fantastic! Thanks for the kind words about my shots.

  1. My idea for our new house is red, black, white and grey actually for living room and kitchen… I loved your red concept for this post. You are amazing. Thank you dear Viveka, as always your selection song was great too. Love, nia

    • You’re so kind, Nia … I did one in yellow waiting – about 4 weeks ago. Today I have done my shots in blue – traveling back home today. I wouldn’t be that adventures so I had a room in each color, but I think it could be fantastic. I have living room in gray and red – white. Kitchen in green and honeysuckle – bedroom in taupe, black and rust and my entrance are in yellow, dark green and white. My office in the Swedish colors – blue and yellow .. and white. My palettes are all over the place.

    • Ja, den ligger i rondelen vid stationen – jag tycker den är så underbar – vi har otroligt mycket skulpturer i Landskrona – överallt. Vattentornet är en sagolikt vacker byggnad, bara sedan början av 1900talet.

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