i’m loving it …. boursin filled burgers

It was time for me to fill up the freezer with my favorite burgers – my own – ate them all myself when I had my “leftover” mission before I went on “holiday” – in all honesty everyday is a holiday for me those days.

And I miss having them in the freezer … wanted one the other evening – but none to be find. So I bought some good quality minced beef  when I was at the supermarket.

Also I wanted to try chopping onions in a new way Maricela@“Putney Farm” show us when making her wonderful salsa. Looks very dangerous and as a trained chef I nearly fell over – but I wanted to give it a try – she really manage to get the onion truly finely chopped. Must admit that it works, even if I do it finer doing it the “normal” way – and with a couple times of more training on this method it will work for me too. A VERY sharp knife is needed.

Boursin Filled Beef Burgers, makes 6 burgers.
500g/1 lbs good quality minced beef
1 medium onion, coarse chopped
50g/1.75oz roasted dry onion
100g/3.50oz bacon, coarse diced
15ml/1tbsp tiger sauce
100gr/3.50oz Boursin cheese
100ml/1/2 cup Italian flat parsley, coarse chopped
salt, freshly ground black pepper
Italian Minced Meat Spice – something I found on a market and it’s very good for all kind of minced meat dishes, don’t have clue what’s in it – but who cares so long it taste good.

I want the burgers to be coarse in texture – so I chop and diced everything quite roughly.

1. Just mix in all the ingredients with the minced beef and I use my CLEAN hands to mix it very thoroughly.
2. Form the base with some mince and put a topped tsp of cheese in the middle and then I take 1/3 more mince – and add that on top of the cheese, then I close in the cheese with taken mince from the sides of the burger until the cheese is totally covered. Make sure the cheese a well closed in

That is it  – then I freeze them individual.

When I cook them – I grill them slightly on both side so they get a very nice grill effect and colour, after that I put them into the oven on +180C/350F for about 15-20 min. I cover them to keep them moist.
Or you can do them on the BBQ – I’m not allowed to BBQ, because I have neighbours above me. Only top floor apartments can grill on their balcony. Tough but understandable.

“Sacred cows make the best hamburger.”
Mark Twain

17 thoughts on “i’m loving it …. boursin filled burgers

    • If I use parsley will it be Italian .. love it. Not very often I use parsley … after all this other herbs has come avalible everywhere. Thanks .. the burgers are probably the best in the world *laughter

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