my kitchen on my mind

Sunday was our last day up in Gothenburg – after a late Saturday evening and night filled with pattering rain – we woke up to more sunshine. There was no rush home, Margurithe, my friend that drove was going to pick up her partner coming from London and landing at Kastrup, Copenhagen’s airport, just before midnight. We had plenty time.

Both Margurithe and Janina, whom we rented the apartment through, had planned to visit “Klädkällaren” – a shop I never been to and all I had planned was a visit to IKEA to buy food storage containers, dish brushes, juice glasses, cutting boards and plant pots.

Didn’t know anything about “Klädkällaren” – I thought it was only a discount shop for clothing and not at all that interested, but I went with them and wasn’t I up for a nice surprise. Of course there was loads of clothing for the whole family plus shoes and bags. It’s a very big shop and not at all what I expected. They also have a massive home decoration section and there I got lost for hours. Beautiful stuff and specially the curtain materials. Margurithe are a fantastic curtain maker and she found a big table with material for only 25.00SEK/$3.75/€3.00/£5.40meter – there my eyes fell straight away on a beautiful seashell pattern material in blue, green, beige and a little splash of yellow. I need green and yellow in my kitchen curtains, because my cabinets are in honeysuckle and my Gabbeh Persian rugs are in green.

The Kitchen is my second most important part of my apartment (after the bedroom), not because I cook and spend a lot of time during the day in it – but I want it to be an extension of the rest of my apartment. I have my breakfast at my shabby chic table and I open up my blog for the time each day i’m home at the table in company of  breakfast, the most important and joyable part of my day. Love my breakfast moments. 

I would love to have a proper crystal chandelier over the table, but I can’t find anything suitable, either too big or too boring. One day I will find the perfect one. I don’t have a dining room and it is nothing I ever fancied either, don’t want to carry food around the apartment and I don’t want to be cut off from my guests while I’m cooking or preparing. My kitchen isn’t very big, but I will be able to seat 5 guests and myself around the table.
I also had hope for that my kitchen when I moved in would be able to keep a small book shelve for my cookery books and it did. Left about 50 books behind when I moved back to Sweden – gave them away to staff.

I Scandinavia the kitchen is really the family room – there is where everybody are sitting for communication and togetherness. In my schooldays even homework was done in the kitchen.

That material really talked to me – so I bought everything needed for a new window setup plus matching table runner (very important) – Margurithe has never helped me with my curtains, never  asked because she are always so busy with others and her own, but she offered to make them for me, so far I have paid big money for somebody to make them for me. Just collected a set up and it cost me 1200SEK/$180.15/€143.507£130.80.(the little picture in rusty)

Don’t change curtains more than in my kitchen, because in bedroom and living room I have to stick with what I have because of set up and color, so I get away cheap in the long run.

Margurithe, the curtain expert, told me not to wash curtains – because even if dry cleaned they will never be the same again. She told me to hang them out on the balcony/outdoors when it’s a bit moist in the air for a couple of hours and then let them dry up indoors. If there is no smoking in the house is there isn’t any need for washing curtains – just let them breathe.

600SEK/$90/€70/£57 the whole set up cost me with curtains, tassel and table runners to match. Only half price to what I paid for 3 weeks ago. Wonderful and in 10 days’ time we make the curtains when I visit her – and I will assist her. She is also going to make new side curtains for my bedrooms main curtains.We spend hours at “Klädkällaren” and after that was it time for IKEA – my friends wasn’t interested to come into the shop with me, so they went for the famous IKEA hot dogs instead and I went for what for I had planned to buy. Felt so proud over that I didn’t buy anything else. The place was packed and the tills were slow – because I had more than 15 items I couldn’t use the self-scanning check out, so it took a while to queue. Not one free parking space outside when we left.

Wouldn’t mind IKEA’s takings for that day as pocket money. My spending went to 300SEK/$45.00/€35.90/£28.45

After that back to the apartment to load all the other bags that we had collect along the weekend. The boot was packed and so were the back seat.

A perfect weekend, with just enough of everything … missed 2 of my girlfriends, they were busy with family matters – so I have to go back soon – to spend some time with them.

We stopped at the “Laxbutiken”- The Salmon Shop – just off the motorway outside Falkenberg for our dinner, something we always try to do, but to that I will come to later.

Half way home – I remembered my coat – it was still hanging in the wardrobe up in Gothenburg, but arrangement has been made and now I only need to clean my windows – and that I HATE and despair!!!

“The kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made.”
Grimod de la Reynière

Thanks to for the hot dog picutre.

28 thoughts on “my kitchen on my mind

  1. I’ve been to Ikea only once in my life, you know – it was huge! Too huge for me – meaning too much excess. I find I don’t really need anything… which is fortunate. YOU, however, make it all sound fun!

    Fancy remembering your coat so much later – at least it was safe 🙂

      • For us, Swedish people living abroad, IKEA is like “coming home”. Everything with Swedish names and familiar. Swe food and just great 🙂 I love it!!

      • Yes, you know IKEA wanted to open a shop in Dublin, but Dublin wasn’t too keen – they stalled the whole thing, because of the traffic and gods know what – then IKEA said we will open in Belfast, 280000 people only lives there – but it became so popular with people from the Republic – so Dublin changed their mind. Now they have one too. I was so proud when I saw the public bus with IKEA as destination on the bus display. Love it to bits.

    • So do I .. and to carry food around what is the point in that – getting cold before it reach the table. Wish my kitchen was slightly bigger, but can’t get everything *smile

  2. LOL! I didn’t realize your page has music? And I hear the piano etc., and I’d walked away from the computer, so I’m looking all over the house for where the sound is coming from. hahaha! That’s a beautiful song 🙂 hahaha! You hadda see me! LOL 🙂

  3. i am so excited for you. You found a store that was more than you thought, and you found a great deal, plus a cheaper way to get them made!!!! how fantastic is this!!!!!

  4. I find the kitchen a very important place too. I love to spend time there with friends and family. I’m not very much of a sofa person 🙂

  5. What a fun time. It is so great to find just that “perfect” thing to add color or style to a favorite room. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

    • Thank you – we start making them on Sunday. I have one set ready to go, but she want that as measure otherwise the rusty ones would be up by now – so I didn’t have to clean the windows yet *laughing. The seashell curtains goes up in the spring. It was a fun girly weekend with a little bit of everything. No sex!

  6. Look in antique and thrift store for the crystal chandelier you want…be persistent. Sometimes they have nothing, and then one day, you’ll find exactly what you want for $3-$4 dollars.

    • Our Thrift store don’t have things like that and antique store – so expensive over here – So one in Victoria, Canada – but that will cost too much to get home. My mum has a beautiful one – but fare to big. One day I will – it’s not that I don’t have lamps – Thrift shops over there and UK – have everything – here is’t 98% cloths.

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