utterly delicious ….. libby’s chicken salad

This with eating grains isn’t really my thing – but when Libby’s Chicken Salad post landed in my inbox it was something that said – this you will like. So I did it the other evening for my dinner with my little own twist to it. Libby@Green Pocket Protector know me by now.

I used all the ingredients that she had in her recipe, except for the lime – because I mixed the diced apple with ground cumin in the mayonnaise and it kept its color – the only reason I could see to use lime juice in the salad plus I forgotten the red onion, don’t really know why. Because I have red onion in all salads more or less. Everything else I used.

It was probably the most expensive salad I ever mad for myself – nearly fainted when I saw the prices for the dried cranberries, pecan nuts and sun flower kernels. Extortionate !!! But I wanted to do the salad, so I took the smallest packages.

I didn’t chop the chicken breast – I cooked it  in the oven under cover (used frozen again) and after I sliced it I gave it a very quick grill in the grill pan. The pecan I just divided.

As salad base I used baby spinach and romaine lettuce – the problem was that the grains fell in between the green leafs and hidden for me when I wanted to take a picture of the finished salad.

For the apple mayonnaise mix I used a new product over here – a mayonnaise that comes flavored with whole grain mustard and horseradish. A truly great product and I use on my morning sandwich instead of spread. Haven’t used spread for over 15 years, but I don’t mind a little mayonnaise on my ham. Added the ground cumin to the apple mayonnaise and I used that as the topping to the salad – the rest I left “au naturel”. Didn’t use any other dressing.

It’s really a nice salad – utterly delicious – and it’s something I will do again, have to use up the grains I bought. Yes, it was worth the price .. for the grains.

“This salad would taste a lot better if it were a cupcake… “

21 thoughts on “utterly delicious ….. libby’s chicken salad

  1. In Texas, these ingredients are economical…I am sorry that making it broke the bank in your community, but I am SO GLAD that you liked the salad! Your photograph is certainly beautiful as well. You have such a talent for cooking and for photography.

    • Libby ….. thanks a million! It was a fantastic salad that I will do again very soon. I survive, still some cents left on the account .. going to try a chicken, raspberry and walnut salad tomorrow. So long it’s sunshine on my back I will do salads. I have done most of your recipes. We have the same tast buds.

      • Yes, you and I do have the same taste buds! Raspberry chicken salad sounds so wonderful. Now that would break the bank over here; Raspberries are so expensive.

      • They are the same price as under the summer over here – but the cherries where $20 for a kilo. Interesting to see how the recipe will turn out tomorrow – couldn’t get half the stuff.

      • I would love a little garden on my balcony, but never at home .. and I tried with flowers and herbs, they died in less a week – sun too strong. We have a cherry tree on the backyard, but the berries are so high up – the birds gets them all. That was robbery,they must have flown 1:st class where ever they came from.

    • It really was a truly great salad – even if became a bit expensive – tomorrow I will try somebody else salad – she how that goes. Love my salads and so long was we have sunshine I will eat them – it’s very windy for the moment and it’s going to go worst.

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    • Thank you so much .. and now you have posted a new one – I love chicken and avocado in combination plus some grilled bacon. Know exactly how you feel about Mac – have tried and I have tried Ipad – not for me!!! It drive me nuts and specially the Ipad, it change screen so soon I touch it. *smile – I will stick with windows and I love my XP, even if it’s on Microsofts last leg now. Starter 7 is pretty good too. Not willing to be converted neither. Don’t have an Iphone that I need to link up .. so happy with what I got so fare, my PC getting 5 this years, but I will buy a Dell again when it’s time. Good luck with your MAC and thanks for link me up. *smile – time for doctor now. Lots ..

    • Wendy I have replayed once before – and it doesn’t show up – so here we go again. Tarragon are fantastic with chicken – love it .. fancy tarragon vinegar too. Are you back in the states – have I missed something ???? Yes, so long the sun is warm there will be chicken salads.

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