royal princesses and me

… it’s not much that we have in common – except one thing and that is that we buy shoes in the same shop.It all started with Lady Di … about 16-17 years ago – and my friend Bärbel sent me a picture from Sweden with an address and she asked me if could look the shop up next time I was in London, in those days I lived in Brighton and it was only 50 min by train.

And I did … without any luck – went to the address, but nothing there … called “French Sole” – the original Ballerina shoes. Asked around and nobody knew what I was talking about. So back to Brighton without being any wiser or without any shoes.

A couple a months later I read that they had open a shop of Sloane Street on Ellis Street and that was me straight there – love at first sight and so my love affair with “French Sole” started … still going on strong, even if it has weaken a bit because of the distance.

When I started to buy shoes for me and my Swedish girlfriends – they cost £59.00/$92.50/€75.15 – today average price is around £89.00/$139.65/€113.35, but on sale there is good bargains and postage to Sweden is £10.00/$15.70/€12.75 (very fair)

Have only been in the little shop on Ellis Street, but during the last few years there is 2 more shops in London and one in Malaysia. The Ellis Street shop is like a candy store .. with shoes.

6 Ellis Street
London, Greater London
Phone; 020 7730 3771

61 Marylebone Lane
London, Greater London
Phone; 020 7486 0021

323 King’s Road
Chelsea, London
Phone; 020 7351 1634

When I started to buy shoes .. with them they only had 4 models – Quilted, Sturdy, Simple and Square Toe – also the biggest size was 41/UK9, so the only models I could get into was Quilted and  Square Toe. Today they have 17 different models and sizes up to 44/UK12 

In total I probably bought about 40 pair .. quite a few is gone – worn out completely – but I still have a fair amount of them.

Have so many pair shoes, so I have to keep them in there boxes – and to know what shoe is where I take a photo of them and place pictures on the front of boxes. If I didn’t do that .. I spend more time in my closet looking for my shoes than wearing them.

The photos I used here I have on file – and been taken as I bought them. No afford or artistic thoughts behind the photos – just so I can see what boxes I want. As you can see I’m good to my shoes, all has shoe blocks when in the closet – and this is only my French Sole collection.

The owner to this concept – I have met a couple of time at the Ellis shop – “Jane Winkworth” – but that was while she only had the online business and the Ellis shop. A very nice lady – friendly, approachable and with a very good business sense. She lives in Surrey in the South of England and she has a Portuguese retreat. She started with her shoe idea in 1989 and her shoes are made in highest quality materials sourced from France, Italy and Spain. Last time we talked she said that she want to be small and the best … today that has changed and she still are the best in what she do.

Last time I bought a pair is now 1,5 years ago and that was the golden pair – I have other Ballerina shoes too, but my French Sole are my favorite – and today when I looked at the web-site I order another pair in metallic leather – £40.00 plus £10.00 in postage = £50.00/$78.45/€63.70 a very good deal.

I have notice now that even Kate is walking down the road like Diana did – and there is so many other famous ladies that has done the same – and even more of ordinary women that own French Soles today – like me.

This with shoes … is pleasure and it’s guilt for me – wish I had 1000 feet. How many pair of shoes I have????!!! Sorry, but that is a matter of National Security – if I tell you I may have to kill you afterwards.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
Marilyn Monroe

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18 thoughts on “royal princesses and me

    • Brilliant … I knew there where somebody so bad as me … yes, you should do a post about your madness *smile – boots that are made for walking. *smile It was a blogg sister that told me do a post about my ballerinas.

    • Yes, my passion for shoe .. rocks the bank account too. – Your replay here had ended up in my spams – never check the before I delete – glad I did, because you were sitting there.

    • I love boots too – but I have problems to get any boots on if they are not lace-up – because of my high ankle – or whatever it’s called … the upper bone on your feet. And lace-up boots are rarely looking elegant. Today people wear boots in full summer -poor feets of theirs.

  1. I am a throw back, I have never been interested in shoes particularly. Just bought what I could to go with what I wore. Never had that many. These days I have no fashion shoes any more which is sad.

  2. i remember you telling me you have issues with your feet. so do i, from my diabetes. i need room for my toes as they are half numb all the time. i just hate getting the shoes for diabetics as they are so ugly but they feel the best. do you have to be careful when buying shoes? i want some new shoes but hesitate because i can not find a pair that is comfy.

  3. What a wonderful collection of shoes. I’ve never enjoyed shopping for shoes. Mostly because I have big, wide, flat feet and it’s hard for me to find shoes that are comfortable enough to walk in. So I get very frustrated shopping for shoes.

    • We are the same then – but I’m lucky .. haven’t been a massive problem for me to find shoes – then with my numb feet too – sandals is the worst.

  4. I’m baffled when it comes to shoes. I have difficulty because my feet are so small and can’t find anything I like in my size. Actually, I can’t find any shoes in my size, even the ugly ones. Heh. I prefer a heel to make me taller (since I’m so short), but not the kind that make my feet vertical! Just a couple of inches works for me, but again, there’s nothing in my size. Sigh. Nice post. 🙂

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