if the price is right

22 years ago I really enjoyed staying here – don’t know what happen. It felt like the hotel had been in a time capsule.  Maybe it’s me that have changed.

“Warwick Seattle Hotel”
401 Lenora Street,
Seattle, Washington 98121
Phone; + 1 206 443 4300
3,5 stars – 230 rooms & 4 suites

It was great to be back in Seattle, my waterhole for so many fantastic evenings and even nights during 1989-90 … when I was living in Victoria and started up Stena Lines route Victoria – Seattle. We had 2 vessels and both docked overnight in Seattle – so there was many opportunity for “sin”.

People are raving about San Francisco, but after been there all my points goes without a doubt to Seattle, (2 very likeness cities) that also have all the hills – but much friendlier and pleasant, even warmer. Like in San Francisco does the sun come out later in Seattle too, chilly mornings even on hot days.

Hotel Warwick, I always stayed at when I want a couple “of days” in Seattle – and it has one of the best locations. It doesn’t provide a Pudget Sound view – but it’s close to all the action and today action for me is a good meal. *smile – Belltown. With walking distance to the Space Needle, Pike Public Market and 20 mins to Pioneer Square (once my playground).

Seattle hasn’t changed much at all – found my way around like it had been yesterday. Only “Nordstrom’s Rack” that had moved to the basement of a new Westland Shopping Center, next to “Nordstrom” itself, but where ever they move a Nordstroms Rack to I will find it, my sattlite  is tuned in.

So the Warwick Hotel – they had moved the entrance (I think) – maybe I remember wrongly, but I know for sure there was an entrance against 4th Ave too. There was always people sitting talking in the lobby- a very comfortable area.

It was a bit of hectic check in – people everywhere and luggage everywhere. The poor lonely porter was so busy. Arrived on a Sunday around 1pm. When it was my turn, the check in went very smooth.

Was assigned room 809 – a massive handicap room – so it was big and okay.
My room had street view and a “French balcony” that I could open and step out on – that was nice.
Sure the hotel has been refurbished as they claim and it was much lighter furbished than I remember it, but it didn’t feel like it, can’t explain it really.
Room was clean and I slept very well in the bed – working desk and loads of draw space – wardrobe a bit funny – it was very narrow and short. I didn’t unpack very much, but my dresses I hanged up touched the floor. The bathroom was ENORMOUS – with a big hand basin area outside the bathroom itself.

The hotel also has SPA, gym and restaurant. I didn’t use any of the hotels services, more than the porter. No free Wi-Fi on the hotel, but they provided what they called a business center for free – a small room with 2 PC and a printer – good enough for me that only stayed 3 nights.

Would I stay on “The Warwick” again – yes, if the price is  right, because the location is very good. No frills and no wow’s during the stay, but clean and friendly. I was expecting more and it didn’t click as such. Maybe my memory is getting old too.

My price was  $152.10/€125.00/£98.30  plus tax and fees … through “hotels.com”.

Next door on 4th Ave there is “Hotel Ändra, a very stylish new hotel – a Swedish name and “Ändra” means “Change”. If I ever come back to Seattle and if their prices are right I rather stay there. Look fantastic!

In overall I would say “Warwick Hotel Seattle” is okay. 22 years ago when I stayed there last .. it had a WOW factor – this time NO!

“Is forbitten to steal hotel towels please.
If you are not person to do such thing is please not to read notis.”
(sign at a Tokyo Hotel)

Hotel photos provided by and thanks to;
Map: travelpod.com – thanks.

16 thoughts on “if the price is right

    • Never been freezing that much in Seattle .. like I did in San Francisco, SF and I didn’t click at all .. was so expecting so much I think – and I didn’t find any of it. Was happy to be back in Seattle.

    • Yes, a room is a room … really and it’s only for keeping your stuff, sleep and take a shower in .. so pay silly money for a hotel room isn’t me … I see a challenge in finding good hotel for so less money as possible. Only that I stayed there before and wanted to go memory lane.

  1. I really enjoy Seattle. It’s an easy city to get around if you’re not driving. Driving is a nightmare. Another wonderful place to stay is the Sorrento. It’s a bit pricey, but a wonderful, old hotel. We were able to get a good deal when we stayed there.

      • Have been checking their website … very lush and elegant. If I go back in October will the price be the same as I paid for Warwick, I suppose it’s of season now. I love those hills … living in Seattle gives you great legs. I have one more restaurant left to do in Seattle – Lola – a restaurant that you will like.

  2. I still envy your travels… 🙂

    I haven’t been to either place. It’s a sorry thing though that a good memory revisited somehow becomes downgraded – when it was meant to be upgraded.

    • It wasn’t bad .. but it wasn’t what I expected – but nothing wrong .. just that it was just OKAY and that is fine by me. Your days of travel will come.

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