nearly the same thing

… when Libby’s “Grilled Vegetable Quiche” became a “Messed Up Vegetable Tortilla”. I think everybody by now know that I’m not too keen on pies and pastry – even if I love filo pastry. So when I got the post from Libby with her scrumptious quiche – I thought to myself I can do that in the oven as a tortilla. Then with only 2 days left at home, before going back to mum today – I decided to use up what I had at home, so there was changes to the recipe.
Had smoked thick sliced back bacon in the freezer, so that was okay. No spring onions at home, but I had red onion. The Liquid Smoke seasoning  I could get, but I had “Tiger Sauce” at home with strong smokey flavor, used when I do burgers. Eggs always home .. used 4 instead of 5. Then it was the grilled vegetables, I used products from the freezer – oven baked vegetable mix, peas and asparagus. Had no cream at home, but I had half a tub of crème fraîche that I used instead.

I lightly fried the diced red onion and bacon – I followed Libby’s recipe from there on. Then as I  just had put the mixture in the oven I realized that I had forgotten the cheese – so I finely grated loads of Parmesan cheese on top .. and stirred into the mixture.

Voilà – the tortilla came out beautiful from the oven … I let it cool down a bit before – I turned it over, but it didn’t work that well .. wouldn’t like to leave a good home *smile – shit happens everyday and now it happen to me. Don’t understand I greased the skillet so well.

Manage to arrange the disaster okay on the plate and had it with a little salad of Romaine heart leafs and some dressing. It was delicious meal – the right smokey flavor was there … a really cracking dish. Somehow messed up … it all went down !!!  

“Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche”
Bruce Feirstein

6 thoughts on “nearly the same thing

    • Tiger Sauce … comes from US and it’s great to have as a sauce with the food or mix in the burger meat. I use it mostly for flavouring, but be careful.

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