inspiration is still on holiday … sweet potatoes with grilled bacon

Must admit that I miss doing my posts about my leftover dinners from freezer and cupboard – as I did before my holiday and not because I’m short some how of products to use up – but it’s like my inspiration is still on holiday.
So I found a little crockery book I had for years about quick dinners and this little dish and I clicked – and I love it … eaten 4 times since I been back. A such a tasteful little dish and so quick to make with few ingredients too, just my favorite way of cooking for myself.

The cookery books title is, “Cool Eating” by Louise Pickford and it was published in 2005 – under title “Raid the Fridge for Recipes – Every Day”. Don’t think I ever open the book earlier.

This dish is so full of flavors and I often use soured cream and chilli sauce as “sauce” for chicken, prawns, and fries. Love sweet potatoes, but I never thought of using them as baked potatoes until I found this recipe – now I can’t get enough. It’s such a simple dish and it really bugs me that I haven’t come up with this recipe myself.

You can get the book at “Amazon”, for nearly nothing – for so little $0.02/€0.016/£ 0.013plus postage $3.99/€3.25/£ 2.55. The book tells me I paid £9.99/$15.65/€.12.75.

Sweet Potatoes with Bacon, Soured Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce, serves 2
2 x 200g (7oz) sweet potatoes
4 rashes smoked back bacon
25g (1oz) butter
50g (2oz) soured cream
30ml (2tbsp) Thai sweet chili sauce
salt & pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 200C7425F/Gas mark 7. Wash and oil the potatoes – ground some coarse salt over them , let them roast for about 50 min.
Fry the bacon until crisp and golden.

I cut the potatoes in half and scrape one half on top the other – so soft and easy to do  – then mix in butter and after that I added the bacon slices – topped with sour cream and the sweet chili sauce. Finish off with some freshly ground black pepper.

A truly great dish – and as for me a lonely diner, perfect … don’t need too much thinking or afford. Enjoy!

“It is easy to halve the potato where there is love”
 Irish Proverbs

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