2 x 20 min yellow waiting

Now back in Landskrona – yesterday when I was waiting for the yellow bus number 5 at the station in Simrishamn to go back in duty, I got the idea to find objects in yellow around me  Also in Lund, where I missed my connection I had to wait 20 minutes again. This is what I manage to catch with my camera during my waiting.

There is loads of yellow flowers and weed along my path so that was the easiest. All warning signs in Sweden are yellow and there are plenty of them around a railways station.

In with all the bicycles I found ONE yellow – now I want one too.

Our mail boxes in Sweden are yellow, even if the post services are Danish. Love our mail boxes they really brighten up our streets. Also SAAB launched a 9-3 convertible model about 7 years ago and it still is my dream car and it has to be in “post box yellow” (the name SAAB gave the color). Didn’t see any yesterday so – google was kind enough to help me out.

(photo thanks to saabworld.net)

The official colors of County Skåne are red and yellow – red flag with yellow cross. Of course like our buses our bus stops are yellow too. Of course I had to take a shot of our yellow bus, standing of duty.

Then a lady came in the most colorful tunic – and then the little tourist street train passed – first time I seen it. Only read about it that Simrishamn now has one too.

So finally on the bus .. – the handles along the aisle in busses are yellow and from platform 6 at Lund’s Central Station I catch following yellow object.

It was really fun doing this little exercise – and I will do color missions again.

“Yellow-colored objects appear to be gold”

20 thoughts on “2 x 20 min yellow waiting

    • Thank you so much …. I suppose I’m and have to be have a creative streak as chef and now when I don’t use it while cooking I have to use it for something else.

    • Yes, it was … I did it once before – think it was in January … and I wanted to catch color RED – wasn’t that luck, then I have forgotten about it.

    • Yes … there was enough to make a post out of it – easy color too – I would have struggled with red. But I will give myself that challenge too.

    • Maralee, have been thinking of doing it for quite a while – started with red during the winter .. but didn’t work. Yes, there is objects everywhere – it’s just to look around .. don’t need to be pretty flowers. Thank you so much for your support.

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