they didn’t bother me

…. and I didn’t bother them – this a post about Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago.

“Hyatt Regency Chicago”
151 East Wacker Drive,
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60601
Phone: (312) 565 1234
4 stars – 1900 rooms & 119 suites

It had a $90 Million renovation and it’s also the biggest hotel in Chicago – and one of the best locations, only 5 min walk to Millennium Park and 15 min walk to Navy Pier just by the Chicago River.
Last time I was in Chicago I stayed at the “Burnham Hotel” – even if that is very central and not far at all to the Riverwalk – I already then had my eyes on Hyatt, just because of it location. Burnham is a stunning boutique hotel – indulgence of luxury, don’t know why Hyatt got my fancy??I was very lucky because I booked my room already in January and got a fantastic rate as I was over 62 years of age. $124.10/€101.00/£79.40 per night plus taxes and fees – a fantastic price for Kingsize bedroom. Did have to think long before I hit the button.

I arrived about 1,5hrs later then planned but the hotel knew that I would be arriving in the evening. All down to United from Toronto – late always late, plus when we arrived there was no free gate for us … so we sat 40 min out on the tarmac.

Arrived with taxi and porters were there straight away – no problem and check in one floor up. Got the most entertaining check in clerk .. we talked about ice hockey and what ever Sweden is world famous for. Had his name on the key holder – but that got lost ( I remembered now: Peter) – plus he was a very handsome young man, tall and with a killing smile. Just what I needed after 14 hours of flying. He really made me feel special, just love when men do that. *smile

My room was on 23rd floor – no river or lake view – but the room was massive. Good wardrobe space, generous bathroom and the bed 4 people could sleep in without any problems. Good working desk and comfortable chair to go with it. Room 2357, very tasteful decorated – but no lushness.  Draw back – no free Wi-Fi anywhere on the hotel, but for $9.90/€8.05/£6.30 per 24hrs could it be mine, paid twice for it during my stay.

Hyatt is a massive hotel with 2 towers and it was busy – people checking all the time during 24hrs and also most of the participates for the North American Irish Dance Championships stayed at the hotel – even if the championship was held at Sheraton across the river – the award ceremony was held at Hyatt. There was dancers, parents, wigs, grandparents, dresses and siblings everywhere. The hotel was heaving. Loved it – such a fantastic buzz everywhere.

4th of July I didn’t want to miss out on the fire works – and the best viewing point was at the end of East Wacker Drive (3 min walk from the hotel) with clear view over to Navy Pier and the lake where the fireworks was launched from at 9pm. So I had an early dinner at the big lobby restaurant, THE BISTRO AT 151, that evening – had a burger and a mineral water, there was also a buffet on … the burger was okay. That’s really the only service that I used at the hotel during my stay.

Used the concierge desk twice when I wanted information about the baseballs stadiums and I always bought day travel passes there. Very helpful – an excellent service.

When it was about airport shuttle, “GO Airport Express” that I had to phone and book myself – because I had to give them my credit card number – but the porter never turned up on departure … somehow I manage to get all my luggage down myself – and then down at the lobby I got help over to the other tower where the pick up was. A little minus.

Hyatt Regency Hotel and I got along very well – it didn’t bother me and I didn’t bother them. Only one day wasn’t my room done when I came back from the burning heat, but not the end of the world – went down on the river walk for a cold drink and to sit in the shade of the big trees, when I returned 0.5hrs later my room was done.

Great hotel, great rooms … great check in …. big and airy inside – loads of lifts … and one of the best locations in town plus an easy website to use. Pity about the Wi-Fi, but still I recommend it and I will stay there again when I go back.

“You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid.”
(sign at a Japanese Hotel)

Photos provided by: Hyatt and me – thanks to Hyatt. (map: – thanks)

15 thoughts on “they didn’t bother me

  1. I love your travel stories. Thanks for doing such a good job. I always feel, in reading, that I can picture being there.

    • Of course you should .. or with some girlfriends – it’s a paradise for shopping .. in my book it’s one of the best food cities in the world – but I must admit that Seattle was very good too. A lot more to come about Chicago.

    • God how envy I became … Chicago is my number ONE! I has been for years and years Just love it and it’s very difficult not to have a good time in your city. More to come about .. my visit. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I visited Chicago for the first time last year and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency as well. I found it to be the perfect location too, next to the river and between MP and the Mag Mile. It made for such a beautiful walk to and from the hotel. Thanks for your post, it helps me to remember my own trip!

    • Yes, it has a fantastic location – with the Riverwalk just below. Chicago is a stunning city and your photo shows that. Brilliant photo. Thanks for stopping by.

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