not the easiest to find …. wraps became a salad

Have saved the recipe link on my PC at home … but now on my netbook at mums and I want to write the review on this fantastic little dish I couldn’t for me life remember who of my blogging sisters that had provided it. Had to look through everyone that post recipes and after 45 min did I find it with  “The Scrumptious Pumpkin”  or  “My Little Chef”, as I call her … Jen are a very pretty young woman with the cutest puppy, Calvin – both so adorable. 

This recipe talked to me straight away – because of its ingredients and the look. Love guacamole – and my favorite sandwich of all … is a newly toasted bagel with guacamole, red onion and grilled crispy bacon. Only the thought of it make me drool. Don’t do it often enough. Jen call this dish “Guacamole Chicken Lettuce Wraps”

Last Saturday(a week ago) I decided to try this out for my sunshine dinner on the balcony, but by the time my salad was done no sun – weather is weather!

I did some adjustment to the recipe – used lime instead of lemon – and I served the dish as a salad. Supermarket had no romaine lettuce, but they had nice small crisp iceberg head, that wasn’t compact, they weight nearly nothing and where only SEK9.80/$1.47/€1.20/£0.94 per kilo. Not found of iceberg otherwise because it’s compact like cabbage and no crispiness what so every. I always tear my lettuce by hand – I never use a knife to cut any lettuce, so “normal” iceberg isn’t that great in my book and most of the time it taste “nada” Those small heads I bought was delicious.

Otherwise I followed the recipe – instead of grilling the chicken breast – I seasoned it and put it under over to cook in the oven, I used a frozen chicken breast – and I find that it comes out in the best moist way if cooking like that. After I sliced the chicken I grilled the slices very quickly, just to give it a nice color. In the salad I had plum tomatoes and finely sliced red onion. As dressing I took from what I had in the fridge – something I just mixed together ages ago. Couldn’t say what is in it, but olive oil, balsamic vinegar, water and sugar I’m sure about. Sliced the chicken breast and put it on the salad after the dressing – and topped with the guacamole and scattered the freshly grilled diced bacon as the finale touch.

Never used cumin in guacamole before and I really like that little edge to it. So this will happen again before the summer is over, with our without sunshine.

Jen, mi más sincero agradecimiento para una receta divertida …

“The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits,
the veritable fruit of paradise “
David Fairchild

27 thoughts on “not the easiest to find …. wraps became a salad

    • I do to .. but I would have tried lemon if I had one at home for this. Yes, I love guacamole – in UK I had my favorite bagel for breakfast every “off duty” morning for nearly 10 years. Now it don’t happen that often. Healthy fruit. Have to buy a bag of bagels.

      • Oh yeah, and I think you mentioned you didn’t care for hot dogs when you were in Chicago. But they have my very favorite (vienna hot dogs). I don’t like oysters either. I don’t know if I’ve every tasted scallops or not. But, my most hated food, and it’s one that most people cook with, is onions! Ack! They smell like BO and they make you cry. I don’t get the appeal. 😉

      • So true … I forgotten the hot dogs, I wasn’t completely truly about the hot dogs. Only hot dogs I eat is up in Gothenburg, they have something they call … “half and full special”. It’s a grilled or boiled hot dog in a bun with mash potatoes on top. Half is one hot dog .. full is with two.
        And me that love onion, eat finely sliced red onion on my breakfast sandwich every day. You’re missing out, but if you can’t stand the smell …
        Onion is very healthy. That is why people around the Mediterranean really rarely get thrombus, because they eat a lot of onion. Onion thins the blood.

      • I know onion is good for you, but I can’t stomach it, literally. It makes my stomach sick. But, I’m Italian, so I get a lot of the health benefits of garlic. 😉

      • Okay, so you can eat garlic … that’s even better. I thought it was all kind of onion. As Italian – you need to like garlic. *smile

    • Like good cob salad .. very much .. had it the first time 22 years ago at Seattle airport before I flew to LA. Isn’t made of spinach, mushrooms … ???

    • My pleasure, you give me so much … to try out. My file on my PC with all your recipe links are massive – have to get down .. to dry something soon. Liked thoose BBQ chips.

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