with one foot outside the law

Over there during my “holiday” in US and Canada did I come a cross a lot of new things and some I embarrassed straight away and others I just let passed.

Didn’t watch a lot of TV –  but more or less by accident what I came across was “SUITS” – and I loved it. A series that we haven’t still picked up in Sweden yet, wonder why because we pick up so many other programs – that isn’t worth looking at (crap). Too expensive ???!!!!

So now with me back with Swedish television – and want to see more – so I did what every resourceful woman does – asked goggle for help and with one foot outside the law now – I will be able to watch this great series.

Why I like it so much – have always had a weak spot for everything with lawyers – since “L.A. Law” – the first series I ever watch and followed in this genre. “The Guardian” with Simon Baker is probably my favourite series – a fantastic show. Plus that Simon Baker is one of the sexiest men I laid my eyes on – even if he is too short for my liking.

“Damage” is the only show I have bought on DVD – can’t wait for series 5 to start and it’s the final series too. Glenn Close is outstanding in this. If I ever need a lawyer I want her, Patty Hewes – but I know I wouldn’t be interesting enough for her and I wouldn’t be able to pay for her service neither.

Have never been a fan of court room series or movies – like “Perry Mason” and what ever came after him from US and UK – I think I have rude and ruthless streak in me … that I can play on when I watch those mean lawyers on the TV and the big screen. They are also so cool and collective, my opposite – could be an other reason. 

Also a big fan of John Grisham’s books – think I read 80% of them. They give me a world that is so fascinating and so fare away from my own; quite and problem free.

Then there is the movies: The Lincoln Lawyer, Fracture, Primal Fear, A Time to Kill, The Firm, Presumed Innocent, 12 Angry Men, The Verdict, A Civil Action, The Accused, Erin Brockovich, Conviction and Presumed Innocent are the ones I can remember and of all great movies within this subject – “Primal Fear” with Richard Gere and Edward Norton is my all time favourite.

“Suites” appeal to me because it has humor and it’s current – Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) – two hot shots, one with a heart and one trying not to have one – plus Louis (Rick Hoffman) – that wants to be like both Harvey and Mike. Think that US Network has got this exactly right in all areas.

I have always had a soft spot for men with authority and with certain element of power, but I have never met one (not totally true – I have met Gordon Ramsey) – so maybe that’s why I love to watch and read anything that has to do with lawyers. Plus they are always so well dressed.

So with one foot outside the law I will continue to watch the show. Please, don’t tell anyone!

“Cancao Do Mar” with Dulce Pontes, a Portuguese singer and songwriter with a fantastic voice – my cloud of sound – is from “Primal Fear” sound track.

“Make crime pay. Become a lawyer”
Will Rogers

Photos provided by and thanks to:
tvlistings.zap2it.com/throng.com au/movies.netflix.com/sharetv.org/

21 thoughts on “with one foot outside the law

  1. i watch a few of the movies you watch. i am back in my past with television. i watch old reruns and nick at nite in the evenings and weekends, when the tv is on………i love lucy, golden girls, love movies on hallmark

    • Golden Girls are a brilliant series – will never go out of fashion. Don’t watch a lot of TV anymore … but I love my SCI’s (can’t believe they have taken CSI Miami of air), Wallander and my lawyers.

    • Yes, “Lincoln Lawyer” is a great movie – Matthew McConaughey are always great as lawyer -as in “Killing Time” – a fantastic movie. – you should see both movies.
      “Suits” is really great entertainment. Lighthearted and cool.

  2. I will definitely need go check these out! I love Harrys Law starring Kathy Bates, awesome show, second season

  3. A friend gave me a copy of the Suits series but I haven’t watched it yet. Seems pretty awesome according to her, and you seem to highly recommend it 🙂 will watch it soon! 🙂

  4. Well.. you’ve certainly given me lots to look forward to on the television! I had all but given up on any tv because of lack of content. Right now we’re hooked on the Olympics, but I’ll be looking for a few of these series you recommend:D xx

    • Haven’t looked at the Olympics at all … not even the opening event that was supposed to be stunning. Some of the shows I wrote about is very old – but if you can rent – the guardian – do it .. one of the best and of course – the suits … showing just now.

  5. We like a lot of the same types of TV/books. On your recommendation I started watching “Damages” last night (see? i am reading your blog even if not commenting all the time). Riveting stuff. My stomach is all in a knot…and I think this is more from Close’s compelling portrayal of a very demented/brilliant/bi-polar/narcissistic lawyer. Wow.

    • Thanks, Bliss … you should try rent the other series – I think you’re on the 5th over there now. Fantastic show.
      She are brilliant in the part .. and she has a heart, even a very small one. Thanks for … your support and it doesn’t matter if you don’t comment on every post.
      Done 2 posts about my visit to Vancouver now .. coming up this week. So please .. come back. *smile

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