chasing the balls … under the sun without any noise.

This was written in Chicago, 10th of July – but never had time to post it. My last full day in Chicago.

It’s Saturday morning, still very hot and but the wind has returned – but didn’t want to take up the table too long, because there were so many people queuing for table. So this will be sent at later date.

Sitting at ”Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe”  on 130 E. Randolph St – just behind the Hyatt Hotel, having my breakfast – just had a fantastic French Toast with fresh berries and mascarpone cheese, it was absolutely massive but so delicious. They were also able to fix my favorite juice – 50/50 orange and grapefruit, massive mug with cappuccino plus its nice and cool in here. The place is packed and there is people queuing through the door to get a table.

Local time is 8.57am and it’s already about +28C. 4 days now of this intensive heat and it starts to getting at me, but tomorrow they have promised cooler weather – but I’m checking out 07.00am and Seattle next. Don’t want to leave – it feels a bit sad today.
Just before I left for this trip I got an email from my friend in Victoria, that I will be staying with – he are collection baseballs – so I got a long email about what he wanted and not wanted. Because of the heat I have put the visit to the two fields off – so yesterday I had to do it.

Wrigley Fields – The Cubs .. and U.S. Cellular Field – White Sox, both on the same metro line – Red line and that made it a bit easier – one stadium in each direction. So with a new daily travel card and I just jumped on the first train that arrived on State/Lake and ended up on Wrigley Fields first – 95 year old stadium and it looked like it too. No fan shop open at the stadium itself. There were a couple of shops around the stadium, so that was me in the blistering heat walking from shop to shop – but not one baseball. Didn’t find it to be a friendly stadium neither – found the staff that I met very impolite and they weren’t really interested.
So then back on the train again for about 35 min and stop 35th Sox – in the middle of nowhere – and busy highway on both sides of the metro stop. It was boiling hot on top of it. In all honesty I didn’t want to be there. The sun was frying and not any shade anywhere – it was like being in a desert.

Then I saw the stadium as I came out from the station … what a complex and there it was “Sport Depot”– massive friendly and well organized shop with 2 very nice ladies. So if I was into baseball I would become a Sox fan straight away and they had just what I was after. So I left with 9 baseballs.

After the shopping I walked over the stadium itself and what a set up – it’s was clean and modern. Friendly faces where cleaning up before the evening game. If it hadn’t been that hot I would consider going to the game.
What I understand was the former Comiskey Park had a fan friendly renovations in 1991 and became U.S. Cellular Field.
It was a really pity that Wrigley Field didn’t live up to what it stands for – and there was so many fans and tourists there – maybe it has its history, but didn’t have the humbleness that goes with its history, a bit like Paris – at least not when there wasn’t a game on. I don’t know if the other visitors got the same picture/felling as I got – but without any problems could I become a Sox’s fan.

Seattle have their fantastic teams – Seattle Mariners, baseball and my favorite US team in football – The Seahawks – love them most because of their jerseys and colors, even follow/like them on FB. Plus they have the loudest stadium, Qwest Field, in NFL, 12th man on the field – their fans  …. The noise their fans make is unbelievable. It there is a match on I maybe be going.

Now time to give up my table and take on the heat! By the way my bill came to $19.25/€15.70/£12.25 and both me and “Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe” was worth it.

“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”
Leo Durocher

 Photos provided by and thanks to: (wildberry) chicago &

8 thoughts on “chasing the balls … under the sun without any noise.

  1. We walked by the Wildberry on the way to our hotel and it was more than packed…it was insanely busy. It looked like a great place and after reading this, I will try it on a future visit to Chicago.

    We also had dealings with some very rude, impolite workers in Chicago…mostly the city bus workers. Seriously rude.

    • Bliss, I really recommend it … great for the whole day and its pack the whole day too. Were there early in the morning and 1/2 hour later the people queuing outside.
      First time I was met with an impoliteness in Chicago was at Wrigley Stadium – a shame concidering the history that stadium has.

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