sleep number … in seattle

Everything went very smooth – the crossing was beautiful – and problem free, with the Clipper. Had a turkey croissant for US$5.50/€4.45/£3.50 aboard – not worth writing about and served ice cold – had to take for it for what it was. Didn’t expect a big Wow-factor. After dragged all my bags, that all are on the weight limit through customs – was there a good load of taxi on hand – can’t understand why it’s so hard to provide trollies – are they afraid that their passengers will steal them??? Not in their passenger service package.

Same with the trollies/carts at US Airports – US$4.00/€3.29/£2.58 for a trolley and that’s money that we don’t get back. That’s daylight robbery, but here at SEA-tac they give you back US$0.25 for goodwill. A bit of a joke the whole set-up. Wonder what the goodwill stands for – that I put the trolley back in its rack ????

I arrived at Radisson Airport Hotel just before 09.00pm and more or less I went down to the restaurant, “rgb”, more or less straight away. Had my first “Caesar Salad” for the whole journey, strangely enough and added roast chicken to it – chose a glass of Washington State Savonigon Blanc to go with it and it was very good. The salad was good, but small … had expected a bit more. Decided to have a dessert, “Washington Baked Apple with Warm Strawberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream” as grand finale – and it was delicious – they didn’t serve cappuccino, but the black coffee was great and got a full pot of it. Bill came to $33.89/£21.85/€27.90

It was supposed to be free wi-fi in the hotel, but it didn’t work in the restaurant – but up on the room it worked very good, even if finding the right network was a bit of carry on. There was about 5 Radisson networks with different numbers.??????!!!!!!!

My room is massive and the bed is MASSIVE plus it had something called “sleep number” – there are a remote controller that you can adjust the firmness of the bed with. That’s a Wow-factor. Never come across that before, something new for me to play around with.
Bathroom has some fancy folding of the towels and the prettiest toiletries from ”asira” – a pity I’m only staying for one night. Radisson is the hotel section of SAS – Scandinavian Airlines System, our national airline for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Must say they are very good on the small details and great standard.

Of all hotels I stayed on the standard of this room were the best and the best location had “Executive Vintage Hotel” in Vancouver.

Wish this hotel could change location with Warwick Hotel – but on the other hand was it a great ending on a fantastic holiday. Had to be up by 07.000am – wanted to be at the airport before 09.00am. My flight departure 11.55am.

Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport
18118 International Blvd.,
Seattle WA 98188
Reservations: +1 (800) 967-9033 US/Canada Toll-free
Telephone: +1 (206) 244-6666
Rooms 4 stars – reception 2,5 stars – restaurant 3 stars
King-size room – 1400SEK/€165.50/£129.65/$200.62 (my price with
204 rooms and suites

Radisson’s airport shuttle very good and helpful … very good service, departure 2 times per hour. Driver very helpful and well organized.

Check in at the airport was a bit confusing with United and Air Canada all mixed up and no really clear guides – so I ended up in the wrong queue  .. but they were very helpful. Very slow check in, seemed like every person was going to buy an air craft. Wasn’t charged for my second suitcase and there was no weight checking at all. My luck !!!! I could have taken everything with me. Left half of my toiletries on the hotel also.

Had breakfast at the “The Great American Bagel Bakery” – not much to write about neither; Seattle sunshine bagel (terrible), fresh fruit salad (good) and coffee (weak).

“A hotel isn’t like home, but it’s better than being a house guest.”
William Feather


Photos provided by and thanks to; (carts & hotel) &

15 thoughts on “sleep number … in seattle

  1. Wow, can see you had a great time..very interesting info..especially if one is thinking of travelling to the above places…

    • Charlotte, I had a FAB time and I would do an other journey straight away if I had the money, still 1/4 of my budget was left and that feels great, because never hold the spending back. So that goes against a new journey.

    • I had never come across sleep number before and I can’t say I noticed any bigger changes of the firmness. Tempur I like too and it’s fantastjc, but I have the must fantasic IKEA bed – they don’t do tempur for 140cm beds.

  2. I am always amazed when we travel to Europe and the availability of free trolleys…in our country you pay for the use of one. Traveling in the US and Europe is very different. I find the value for what you get… be it a hotel, food, etc. is much better in Europe. The biggest difference for us is the exchange rate which isn’t favorable to the dollar but other than that it is a wonderful experience on the other side of the ocean. All in all I think you had a great trip.

    • Yes, I think this with pay $4.00 for a carte at US airport is daylight rubbery – terrible and specially when nothing is given back – like some airports do in Europa. You’re so right what you’re saying about Europe and the value for money. A lot more effective too, when it’s about check-in and luggage handling. I’m spoiled with Copenhagen airport and most departures are on time. Something that really annoyed in US was that the airlines has put in practice to be overbooked and always late and people just accept it. Then I think food was cheaper in US in overall then London and Paris anyhow.
      We have a low cost airline in Scandinavia – Norwegian owned –“ Norwegian Airlines” ( that now offers free Wi-Fi on all their flights. An airline that really has shaken the boots on our national airline, SAS. I fly with them all the time inside Europa.

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