what I had to leave behind

It’s time to admit that there has been some serious shopping during this trip – when I add everything up.
Decided to take everything out there bags and document everything – such a strange shopping. What I haven’t taken in consideration is the a couple of fridge magnets and 2 T-shirts from Chicago (one I bought to support the “Grand Park Music Festival” ) and one from Victoria.

Started in Seattle at “Nordstrom’s Rack” with the a new sleeve for my netbook – found a lovely blue one from “Steve Madden” and a leather bag from “Kelsi Dagger”, that had cost US$158.00/€118.00/£106.00 and I got both items for US$72.00/€53.75/£48.30. Saw it on sale in Victoria for CA$98.00/€73.15/£65.75 – so I made a good buy there. What I didn’t think about was the natural leather wasn’t treated, so all the natural leather details discolored on the first day – handles and the inside pocket where I had my wallet. I have to ask my saddler in Landskrona to treat it with some shoe fat, so everything gets the same shade.

At Grandville Island did I buy some interesting rock salts – only small package – 3 for CA$10.00/$9.70/€7.25/£6.55.

In Victoria started the real shopping, first a T-shirt and a dress Ralph Lauren – both on the sale rack. It had first 50% off the retail price and then 30% of the sales price. I’m big fan of navy and white, marine look. Never goes out of fashion and it always look fresh. Got both for CA$84.00/$81.65/€61.00/£54.80.

Then I ended up on “Safeway” – the supermarket – and came home with 4 bottles of interesting dressing, 1 muffin tray,2 plastic zip bags, 2 bottles of Maple syrup and 3 tubs of Colgate toothpaste. Bought a tub in Vancouver and it’s the best flavor I had on any toothpaste, Cool Mint. Just had to bring some back to Sweden. Had to go back to Safeway and buy a micro wave poach dish. My friends have one and the eggs come out beautiful.

So then on my last day I went back to “The Bay” – Canada leading department store where I bought my Ralph Laurens outfits and I found a black and white spotted dress silk dress by “Jeanne Beker” and after all discounts came to CA$72.00/$70.00/€52.25/£46.95.

Then I passed a shoe shop and there I found red wedges for CA$15.00/$14.55/€10.90/£9.80 and I also bought none slip trainers for my Zumba class. The ones I have are so slippery. Hope I they will work – never had shoes like this before – only had material ones before and they are not in leather, both came to a total of CA$72.00/$70.00/€52.25/£46.95.

After packing and re-packing through the night and morning – there where things that will never make it to Sweden – all dressings and one bottle maple syrup got a new home in Victoria. Checking on Air Canada’s website about excess luggage – they would become very expensive dressings – they charge CA$100.00/$97.25/€52.75/£65.25 for any kilo between 23-32 kilo – I can get a return flight from Copenhagen to Dublin for that amount, so I have to make my own dressings and I’m sure that many of will provide me very exciting recipes.

I also bought a silk shirt that came in its own silk pouch, couldn’t resist – bought it in a stand at “Market Square” in Victoria for CA$45.00/$43.75/€32.65/£39.35.

My last purchase I will do on Seattle Airport – a bottle of Marc Jacob’s fragrance to my neighbor’s daughter that has looked after all my green plants, “Dots” – because I know she will love the bottle.

But I have also left behind wonderful friends and places, which I really hope that I will be able to see again. It has been one of my best holidays ever, even if it has rough on my feet’s at times – and the budget has still some leftovers, that I can put against a new ticket – I will never be able to get another ticket for US$57.00/€42.55/£38.25.
I will be coming home with fantastic memories and experience, far too many photos and 2 bursting suitcases, more shoes and laundry. Sweden, in 48hrs I will be back – be prepared.

“Shopping is really complicated if you are a girl.”
Helen Salter

Photo provided by and thanks to: (Marc Jacobs) fragrantica.com

22 thoughts on “what I had to leave behind

    • I bought “Daisy” to her .. because they didn’t have “Dot” – very suitable for a young woman. Buying a perfume is the least I can do for her – cheaper to buy that then new green plant.

  1. You really did do some serious shopping…and found some great deals. It is always sad when an amazing vacation comes to its end but as you said, the memories are always there. Have a safe journey home! (PS I love the the Ralph Lauren dress!)

    • Thanks, Malin – on the airport now … so far so good. And I pick up my bags in Copenhagen – happy days. Enjoy the sand, sea and sun.

    • Yes, I were lucky … and what ever happen today – I didn’t have to pay for my extra suitcase. They didn’t even weight the luggage – could have taken everything with me. Left 1/2 my washbag on the hotel this morning too.

      • I know … can never win with the airlines – made it – now home and landed straight into full Swedish summer. It will take a couple days before I will back in full swing here with visiting you, guys daily.

      • Thanks, Terry … so am I – but it was a long flight – 14 hrs in total. Done it and I have a couple of T-shirts too. *smile

      • i am so happy for you. i enjoyed following along on your trip with you but am glad u r safe back at home. rest, unpack, and rest some more……….

      • Terry, thank you so much … you’re such a darling. Safe and sound – and hot. The sun is still glued to my back. Want rain now. !!!!!

    • Thanks Karen, have landed twice without and problems .. now home. Landed in +25C. Wonderful .. it will take a couple of days before I’m back in full swing again.

    • Thank you, so much – back home now .. paying my bills for the moment. Have to go to the day clinic too … the flights went well – will be dead tomorrow.

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