under a yellow umbrella on the dock

1696 Duranleau Street,
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S4
Tel; (604) 687-4400

This establishment has the best tables in town. It’s a combination of bistro, patio, bar and on the second floor with balcony, fine dining.

After spending my last day in Vancouver on Granville Island in blasting sunshine – I returned in the evening for my last meal. “Bridges” was there when I visit Vancouver the last time in 1990 – but I can’t recall that they had the table out on the dock.

Today it’s a very popular “waterhole” – also the fine dining room on second floor where fully booked. To get a table on the dock under the yellow umbrellas around 07.30pm on a Saturday wasn’t that difficult – about 12 min waiting time. The view is stunning and with a red sunset is it very difficult to not be pleased with the table. “Bridges” was awarded the “Diners Choice Award” 2012 with “Open Table” and I can understand why.

Wasn’t asked if I wanted a pre-dinner drink, but they were so busy and I survive without the drink.
Had “Garlic and Honey Chicken wings” as my starter and they were very tasty – the flavors was in the dipping sauce.
For my main I chosen “Warm Seafood Caesar Salad” – salmon, halibut and king prawns – on a traditional Caesar. Excellent in flavor and taste, a brilliant choice that warm and sunny evening … only thing was that it was served before I had finished my starter for some reason and I wasn’t too happy about that, enjoyed the glass of British Columbia Sauvignon Blanc with my salad.
Finished off with a “Tiramisu with Carmel Sauce” together with my standing order of after dinner cappuccino – both were good.
My waitress, Stephani – was very friendly – and even if the service wasn’t perfect this very busy Saturday evening – she were smiley and she looked after me.

There is so many eating places on Granville Island and what I understand are they all of very good quality – still I would like to say that the “Bridges” is a MUST– because of its setting and the freshness in their food. My bill came to; CA$66.08/US$ 65.45/£41.80/€53.30 and Stephani got her 15% in tip.

If you chose the fine dining – make sure you get a table out on the balcony on a warm and sunny evening. It’s has an absolutely priceless view and the rest you can put on your card.

”Don’t sit under an umbrella waiting for it to rain”

(view from my table)

Photo provided by and thanks to:
flickr.com (Pharos, yehlilly, MaxChu & Gord McKenna)

14 thoughts on “under a yellow umbrella on the dock

    • Thank you, Uru – today I had the most amazing brunch – have to work on a post about it. Yes, the umbrellas and the yellow restaurant brights up the whole dock of Granville Island.

  1. Sounds like a nice place for a meal. It seems that restaurants like to push the food out way to fast. We always have to ask to give us time between courses.

    • Yes, I was suprised that the main course arrived before I had finished the starter – because they where so busy – wasn’t the end of the world.

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