20% tip … but the sunset priceless.

“C Restaurant”
2-1600 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L9
Tel; (604) 681 1164
Executive Chef; Rob Clark – Chef de Cuisine; Les Humphries
$$$-$$$$, Contemporary Fish & Seafood

After that Vancouver and I came on the wrong foot with each other the first day – will come to that later – and I being a bit bitchy after returning from a not so great dining experience the first night to the hotel’s concierge, Albert – he recommended this restaurant to me … only 3 minutes’ walk from the hotel on the waterfront in False Creek.

During the day I was on the “hop on – hop off” tour, mostly to save my poor feet’s that had a really tough and rough time with all that walking and especially the heat in Chicago. So I spent the most of the day on the bus – making up my mind about what I will go back and see more the following day. I spent 3 hours at Granville Island and the Market – taking photos of beautiful vegetables, flowers and fruit. So Vancouver started to grow on me again.

So after a good 2 hours snooze I made my way down to the “C Restaurant” and what a wonderful surprise it was. Just on the water edge of False Creek Yacht Club and opposite the Granville Island – in the most stunning sunset did Vancouver make it up to me!

In all honesty I don’t think the food in Vancouver was that great 23 years ago, but after being spoiled for nearly 2 weeks with great comfort food and fine dining – the pressure was on Vancouver.

Albert had told me to ask for Sarah and so I did – but she wasn’t working, she was on holiday for a couple of days  – but I was really well taken care of by all the staff.

Got a very nice table out on the patio and I could enjoy the famous English Bay sunset, look at the busy “aqua buses” and the luxury yachts going out and coming back from enjoying the sunset on the bay. Sitting there – Vancouver and I clicked again. It’s was breathtaking and we’re good again.

“C Restaurant” had a very exclusive menu with both caviar and foie gras menus plus a seafood stack, whatever that could be and it cost an “arm and a leg” – but with my experience with the foie gras the evening before – I didn’t feel for ordering it again.

Had my “vodka & tonic” before dinner.
Before dinner I got mini canapé sticks as the chef’s surprise – 9 in total and very delicious – really nice concept.
As a starter I had “North Arms Farm Beet Salad”, shaved ricotta salata, scotch pearls and olive oil sorbet – and it was fantastic – the presentation were like a piece of art. Lovely flavors and olive oil sorbet was so good and I’m not a sorbet friendly person.
My main was “Stockeye Salmon”, saffron potatoes, ramp soubise, preserved orange, quail’s egg. Wonderful dish with very well composed flavors – only wish that there had been more of that ramp and saffron potatoes on the plate.
As dessert I had “Chocolate Mousse”, chili cake, bubble sugar, marinade strawberries – and it was the perfect finishing. That chili cake base to the mousse was divine.

With my dinner I had a glass of “La Stella” – a crispy and light white wine – a wine that was completely new to me, a local British Columbia wine. They have really come a long way with their wines here in British Columbia.
We tried some of the local wines for our wine menu – 23 years ago – and they were absolutely undrinkable.

My cappuccino came with 2 small Macaroons with fruit coulis, brilliant final touch.

When we came to the damage for this fantastic evening – I had got $15.00 discount because the hotel had sent me – but they had forgotten to charge me for my pre-dinner drink and I pointed it out to them – so for this fine dining – the bill came in the end to $75.54 before tip. My waiter, Jason got his 20% on top, because he was worth it.

Such a delightful evening with a wonderful meal – and the sunset were for free.

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”
George R.R. Martin

Photos provided by and thanks to; crestaurant.com/sunset.com/
chasingcleanair.com/foodpunk.ca/ followmefoodie.com/lastella.ca

33 thoughts on “20% tip … but the sunset priceless.

    • Thanks, Uru…. the sunset at English Bay in Vancouver is world famous – it’s like the sky is on fire. Priceless it was.
      Yesterday I really enjoyed life.. sitting there and just be thankful for still being around. There is no pricetag on a feeling like that.

    • Jo, have been looking for that “foot” that should be feet – only place I can see “foot” is in the beginning – Vancouver and I came on the wrong foot with each other – and in my book that should be singular or ???

  1. i hope your feet settle down for you. it seems when our feet hurt, so does the rest of the body, but sounds like you are having a fabulous time darling………..lol

    • Thanks, Terry … yes, they are much better today after less walking. Looked underneath my new sandals and they are nearly worn out. You know, it’s all down to ourselves if we will have a good time or not. And I have decided that I will have the time of my life. *smile

      • Today we had an other fantastic day .. and I ended up on a pub on the waterfront – had a big juicy hamburger with red wine gravy and a stunning sunset again. Tomorrow my last day. Been on “the big bus” more or less the whole day.

      • it is late here right now, actually very early morning, but that hamburger sounds really good, and i am not a big red meat eater, but with the gravy added for extra flavor, i could go for one! so glad you are enjoying yourself my friend.

      • Good Morning, an other fantastic day in Vancouver. Time for breakfast – have found a little place a block away from the hotel, not really like Seattle, but good enough. Her coffee are a bit weak – never had gravy with a burger before neither – it was very tasty. Far away from fine dinning, but really good.

  2. I adore Vancouver. The food looks like art, Viveka. Sorry your feet hurt. Actually, I went to kindergarten there and have relatives living all around the area. Have a great rest of the trip!

    • Susan, my feet problem is an aftermath from the chemo – and nothing can be done about them. So I have to do the best I can with them *smile … poor things.

    • Susan, we didn’t agree the frist day .. Vancouver and me – but now we are best friends again. Stunning city – so beautiful. Yes, yesterdays diner was art and fantastic flavors. Tonight a stunning sunset again over the English Bay .. and I had a massive hamburger with red wine gravy on the waterfront – just a whole in the wall.

  3. With Vancouver you have to look past the throng of visitors at it’s underbelly. Have you been to Victoria? That’s a place I love. My mother and I used to visit when I was a little girl, as her cousin and her family lived there. We used to sail in all the beautiful coves and wander through the resplendent gardens. Wonderful.

    • Moving on to Victoria tomorrow – lived there for nearly a year in 1979-80 – so I will be staying 10 days with good friends. Yes, it’s a very pretty spot – for newly wed and nearly dead – we use to say .. *smile – lot of retired people there.

      • There is plenty to do for everyone here … still so beautiful – been walking around down by the harbor today. A hot summer day even in Victoria – the sun is glued to me. Yesterday we had a lovely rain – just what I needed. A lot has changed in Victoria, but still that special spot of beauty.

    • Malin … the same to you .. and you take care of the big stomach and yourself. It’s a great dinner, but not the best – but it was what I needed to get in good foot with Vancouver again. We had a rough start.

    • Thank you so much … I will look into it when I’m back home and maybe I choose all of them – too busy having a great time *smile – thanks a million once again and congratulations to you and the other nominees.

      • Awesome, Viveka – you’re always wonderful! ENJOY! ENJOY! See you on return…

      • Thank you so much … today an other day of sunshine and great +25C – plus I’m going to meet up with some of my “old girlfriends” for lunch today. Some I haven’t seen for over 23 years. Exciting.

  4. This sounds like it might have been the best evening meal of your trip. I’m happy that you are making the most of the weather and your feet and totally enjoying yourself. You have such a wonderful attitude with life as you should after all you have been through.

    • Hi there …. it’s wasn’t the best meal- I had 3 very good meals in Seattle, one of them was the best – and I had some great meals in Chicago … – it was a fantastic evening, because the evening before was such a massive disappointment – and with that priceless sunset included – it became a fantastic evening. Because Vancouver and me had a bad start – but we’re in love again now.

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