a fruit bowl and hash browns with an ocean view for $28.00

Have eaten 1000’s and 1000’s  breakfasts all over the world, but Seattle served the ultimate breakfast, maybe not the most healthiest – but the most tasty and friendly. At “Lowell’s”, Pike Place Market – nothing fancy – but so unforgettable, went back twice and if there been time would I had gone back before departure for Vancouver too, but not time enough.

My order both mornings were;
50/50 orange and grapefruit juice
Fruit bowl
Cappuccino (massive cup)
Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich with hash browns
(grilled sourdough breakfast sandwich beecher’s flagship cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, choice of sausage patties or bacon, crispy hash browns, $13.00)
Came to $28.00/£18.00/€22.85 and worth every cent.

Everything cooked and served with great friendliness and smiles. Plus their condiment bottles on the tables were new and clean every morning – sat by the same table both mornings and the ketchup bottle was new each morning – that shows the food standards of the place and still there is nothing fancy about the lower level – just look like a “greasy spoon”. You’re up for a nice suprise.

The food preparation area are smaller than my kitchen at home .. And the amount of food they were turning over there was unreal. They have loads of fresh seafood and fish on their lunch and dinner menus.

This a the place to have THE BREAKFAST if visiting Seattle – my first morning I was up very early and I went down to the market before any customers and tourists had arrived. It was great to see how all stands with fish, fruit, bread, flowers and meats was getting ready for the day, walked around for nearly 2 hours. They only ones that wasn’t keen on me taking photos where all the Chinese’s flowers stands, they all looked so miserable and when I asked if I could take photos of them when they were doing their bouquets – the answer was NO. There where stands after stands with flowers, but they didn’t do a very good job of what they had to work with – 100 and 100’s different kinds off beautiful  flowers in all colors and shades but the results are so boring, maybe it was because they are so miserable *smile

“I know family comes first,
but shouldn’t that mean after breakfast?”
Jeff Lindsay

22 thoughts on “a fruit bowl and hash browns with an ocean view for $28.00

    • I asked a girl that were selling dried fruit at the market where to eat and she recommended the place to me as her second choice. I was thinking of trying out her favorite too, but I like that sandwich too much to give it up the second day.

    • Terry, thanks a million …. it’s great to be back, I paid for internet on Hyatt in Chicago 2 times, because I stayed so long – but in Seattle I refused to pay – here in Vancouver it’s free. So I will try to post something more.

  1. Looks like you are having fun. Too bad about the florists being grumpy, but alas, the rest of your adventure looks great. I keep saying I must make it to Seattle, since I am on this side of US now.

    • Yes, you SHOULD!!!!! For me was it was just like I only been away a couple of years. It’s 23 years since Seattle where my playground – and I found my way around it like it had been yesterday. Great food, ocean air .. screaming seagulls and just a nice passé in the city.

    • yes, they have the most amazing breakfasts over here … pancakes, french – it’s nearly like a full meal – it’s like a full English – it set you for the full day. Today out on a mini cruise after breakfast. Have a great weekend.

    • Welcome back – you have been missed. Yes, so far has it been a fantastic journey – and the sun has been like glued on me. Only one day of rain and one of overcast, brilliant.

    • Malou .. you can come along next time .. *smile – had some fantastic food during the whole trip – only one place let itself down and that was in Vancouver – it tried too hard.

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