spa saturday leftovers

Swedish Hash served with Raw Egg Yolk and Pickled Beetroots

Yesterday was all about me – hair, hands, body … feet’s – and it was great, I don’t do it often enough – when I had my high paid job I went for a 1hrs Swedish  massage every week, so I could handle the pressure and the stress *laughing. It was like putting yourself back to +-0. It was the best spent weekly shopping ever.  Today I do everything myself – the message is a bit difficult to do myself – so maybe along the journey I will do one.

And it make you lazy … and no bigger afford for dinner last night – diced bacon and swedish hash  (Pytt-i Panna) out from the freezer, beetroots and egg from the cupboard. The “Pytt-i-Panna” I had bought frozen all ready made (half a bag left) and normally I add some chopped onion and diced bacon to it, but didn’t want to chop up half an onion that will not be used. So I just added bacon and loads of freshly ground black pepper. Love “Pytt-i-Panna”! That is comfort food and I had loads of sunshine in my plate too. Maybe the Swedish summer has start to happen now.

So when this is posted – hopefully I will be on the other side of the security at Kastrup Airport.

Take care, enjoy the wind, the rain, the sun, the beach, the swim, the thunder and life  … and see you soon.

“Saturday is a day for the spa. RELAX, indulge, enjoy,
and love yourself, too.”
Ana Monnar

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9 thoughts on “spa saturday leftovers

    • Thanks … in Toronto now – couple of hours left before the flight to Chicago … sitting in a nice empty area with a Tim Horton coffe and a orange walnut muffin. Life is just great.

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