hot … hot … hot … hot … Hot .. HoOOOooot

So fare so good ….. now in Toronto and it hot today plus it’s Canada Day … not much celebrations here on the airport. Got a lolly in a shape of a mable leaf *smile <nice touch.

There has been a couple of hick ups today, first at Copenhagen Airport when paying for my excess bag – handle by SAS our national airline … had to wait 40 min and the queue was massive and in the middle of everything one girl closed her counter and went on a coffee break – never seen anything like it. We were fuming.

Plan was fully booked, and somehow I was on standby – booked in January, but I got nice window seat and a very nice lady from Calgary as my next door neighbor. She had been travelling for 8 weeks – last 4 weeks she ended up with rain in Denmark, poor woman. We had a very nice flight together.

Then in Toronto it wasn’t clear that I needed a boarding card before US customs – but the Immigration officer was very pleasant and explained for me and told to come back to him when I got my boarding card. No staff at United desk of course.. and the machines didn’t work, but after 15 min wait and a chat with a gentlemen behind in the queue – his father in law had been robbed on everything in Rome yesterday, his flight back to China was cancelled and he + plus family was going to miss their connection to Washington, because their luggage in transit hadn’t arrive. My luggage came after 15 min waiting. Not bad.So now I’m free from customs and immigration in Chicago .. brilliant. Everyone of US officials where spot on. Not as I remember them at JKF in New York – 12 years ago, screaming and shouting at people. Or maybe it’s because they are in Canada and not US. Have really bad experience of Immigration officers – they haven’t been shouting at me, but on people around me.

I had to show my boarding pass .. 5 times from I got it to I was through security. My God, surprised they didn’t ask for my shoe size too – but everybody was so pleasant.

Sitting watching the news and it about the storms in US and so many people are without energy. Terrible – Washington is one of the states of emergency – it’s +30C here in Toronto and +33 in Chicago plus rain. Brilliant .. it’s going to be like in New Orleans .. humidity at 90.

So far so good … 2,5 hrs before takeoff. The United Agent tried to get me on a earlier flight, but it is full. It doesn’t matter … happy where I’m.

Canada and space are a natural fit.
Marc Garneau

Photo all from Pearson Airport, Toronto 

15 thoughts on “hot … hot … hot … hot … Hot .. HoOOOooot

    • Lori, where sweet and hot just now, but I don’t really mind. Can manage my days around the heat … see people here they are dressed in trousers and sweatshirt or cardigan .. never seen anything like it. Glad I packed all linen and silk I had, blessing now.

  1. Yay!!! You’re in our Canada!! Happy Canada Day!! I live in Calgary.. what was your friend’s name? Wouldn’t it be neat if I knew her? I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! xoxo

    • Sorry Barbara, I never got the ladies name …. She was perfect company. Wish I had. Yes, Toronto is a brilliant city and Canada is a fantastic country. Air Canada where spot on – even landed before schedule.

  2. Hi,
    It’s always great when you are lucky enough to have someone next to you on the plane that is nice, makes the journey a lot less boring. 🙂
    Sounds like a bit of a rough time at the airport, there always seems to be something, but still that is behind you now, and I hope you had a great trip. 😀

    • In all fairness I think flying is always a rough journey those days .. airlines don’t seem to care – they treat their passengers as cattle’s. That we are there for them and not the opposite.
      American Airlines are really poor, never flew without being stacked somewhere for hours and always overbooked. Having a great time now in the hot sun. *smile

  3. Glad your travelling so far has ultimately managed to be smooth my friend 🙂
    It is always nice to be seated with wonderful people and you are right – maple Lolly = nice touch 🙂


    • It’s only people that don’t like their jobs … so really I don’t care that much … I had plenty time – but there was people that had connections and had flights to catch … and everything took such a time.
      Plus my last flight to Chicago where 1,5 hrs late and when we arrived Chicago they didn’t have any open gate for us. Had to wait 30 min before the plan was at a gangway. That was poor.

  4. It isn’t easy traveling anymore. It used to be a pleasure but the airport experience has changed all that. It doesn’t seem to matter what county you are flying into or out of. I’m glad that overall it has not been a bad experience.

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