weight and measure friday leftovers

Bousion Cheese filled Beef Burger
served with Tzatsiki and Potato Wedges

Found a couple of more of my favourite “burger” in my freezer – I decide yesterday to take one and have it like a burger.

It was a dark and wild day outside – had to have the light on while ironing and washing and that was at noon. Thunder and strong winds, but around 4pm the sun came over us.

Friday was just to weight all the bags, measure them and make sure that everything is up the airlines allowance and I’m good, even very good – so I have a couple of kilos to fill up with things I don’t need but must have, especially from Nordstrom’s Rack in Seattle – just down the road from my hotel.

Those days we have to pay for the second bag … and on the domestic flight between Chicago and Seattle I have to pay for both. To Chicago the price is now $100 per the second bag – but because I booked before 1th of June I will get for the old price, €70. So my total cost for my language will be $200/£127/€157 – but on the other hand did I only pay $58/£37/€46 in total for the all flights.

All bags are now closed, only my hand luggage that is still open. Nothing to be removed – nothing to be added.

Today is’t home SPA day with .. body scrub, some fakes tan on the legs … hair colouring and pedicure – and before bedtime (will not be able to sleep much – if any) I will vacuum the apartment. Also I will instruct my neighbour that will look after my green plants and orchids – move everything into the kitchen, so she doesn’t have to run around when watering once a week.

Have to be up by 6am tomorrow – to catch the 8.24am (60 min journey) train to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup – that gives me 3 hours – for check in, breakfast and to relax.

I will have quite a few hours at Toronto Airport – but that’s good, because I need to collect luggage and check in again, I think – not too sure, but they will tell me at Kastrup.
I will have time to write a little post maybe about my progress so fare from Toronto. 5 hours total, but that’s okay … will arrive Chicago just after 8pm and after immigration and all that carry on – hopefully I will be at the hotel by 10.

The worst thing with flying is this security carry on … absolutely hate it. Everything else is just fine – don’t mind waiting .. there is always so much to see and do.
Not that many years since I was in Toronto, but I can’t for my life remember how the Airport was. I would have loved to have a couple of days on the way back – because I change flight in Toronto too on the way back. Have friends there and it’s a fantastic city, 3-4 nights would have been great, but my award program with Continental/United didn’t allow an other stop over. A pity.

So for my dinner – I just pan fried the “burger” – to give it colour and then I put it in the oven together with the potato wedges. Have always some Danish breakfast rolls in the freezer if I get pop up overnight guests – that don’t like my rye bread and it’s only to put them in oven from frozen about 15 min and they comes out crisp on the out side and smells just like Danish breakfast rolls do. So I used one of them – baked it off and then I cut it and pan grilled it. The Tzatsiki ready made .. I love with any meat really, even I don’t eat beef very often.

It was a very warm evening with plenty sunshine- not even a breeze present – so it was lovely to enjoy dinner with sunshine as side order.

Now it’s time to get that lovely red colour into my hair – Nice ‘n Easy Perfect 10 (6R – light aubrun) – if I don’t see you more today …. I will see you from over there.

I will post something along my journey, I’m sure – but I will not be able to replay on your new posts – hope you are okay with that.

See you on the other side of Midnight. America look out – Wivi are soon landing.

“If God had really intended men to fly,
he’d make it easier to get to the airport”
George Winters

Photos provided by and thanks to: themetapicture.com/ jonballphoto.wordpress.com/sverigesradio.se/ sydsvenskan.se/ocado.som

22 thoughts on “weight and measure friday leftovers

    • Tilly, I will …. and I hope the summer will come to Europa while I’m away … will keep in touch – the hotel in Chciago I have free internet in lobby, so … Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Jo, so look forward to it now … had my worries in the beginning of the week about if my problems will stand up it or not – now they have to. *smile

    • Thank you very much .. for the link !! Going to have the best time of my life, promise you – don’t really know how it works when having a connection flight – sure they know in Copenhagen. I know when I had connecting flight in Cleveland for Toronto – I had to collect my luggage and check in again. Some carry on. *smile Will keep you posted.

  1. The airlines are really convincing us to travel light! I remember when we moved to France and had like 10 suitcases. 4 of us traveled and claimed 2 bags and we payed maybe $25 each for the next 2. And they were SO HEAVY!
    Your burger looks decadent and delicious.
    See you next weekend. We’ll try to check in with you at your hotel Sunday night…I’ll shoot you a mail. Safe travels.

    • Thanks Wendy … looking forward to Seattle in more than one way now – even if it will be a talk. *smile
      Yes, they don’t want us to have any luggage .. same in Europe – but if are Japanese you can have 2 suitcase. That is not fare either. The burger was great. One on left for when I come home.
      All the best and tschüss – Wivi

  2. it is sad to know that you are gone and i will miss you so much. also sad to realize that you will b in chicago and i am two hours from chicago if that…………i hope you have a wonderful time, which i know you will. keep safe and remember i love ya!!!

    • Terry, I’m here …. not fare away. Everything gone great … with some hick ups – but only the connection to Chicago left. It’s hot here in Toronto. Even warmer in Chicago. Only 2 hours away from Chicago .. why didn’t we click on to that earlier.

  3. Jag hoppas att du får en underbar resa! Har själv lite problem m Internet sedan några dagar men hoppas att det har löst sig nu. Njut av semestern.!

    • Hjärte tack, sitter i ett soligt och varmt Toronto just nu. Bara flyget till Chicago kvar. Skönt att få sträcka på benen lite. Hoppas internet har kommit tillbaka. Kram på Dig och njut av svenska sommaren.

  4. Hey Viveka you’re travelling ! 🙂 How wonderful. I hope you have a brilliant time.

    I hate the security carry-on too, REALLY hate it. I loved your cartoon though – very true, hee hee hee. Ah sigh – we can’t avoid it!

    • Thanks a million …. nearly in Chicago now … only one flight left and it was nice with a couple of hours break to stretch the legs – wonderful weather here in Toronto.

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