print out thursday leftovers

Honey Marinade Chicken Strips,
Ramen Noodles with Stir Fried Vegetables

Yesterday is was a total “take off admin day”; checking up on the flights, printing out all reservations, exchange money, making address labels for postcards, fixing the luggage tags, fill up the MP3 player with new music, buying world covering on SKYPE and made sure that everything important went in the right plastic envelop. Really took me the whole day and it was a great sunny day – typical.

For my dinner it became a mad mix of everything – those prep noodles packs – was the only thing I could eat in the of my “extremely sick” period the kicked in the end of my treatments – when my body closed down and nothing wanted to function, in the end of September 2010 and lasted for about 4 weeks. The last 14 days I was at home on a penicillin horse treatment – a cocktail of 4 antibiotics that made me so sick I could hardly move my head. That was when I was living on those noodles – just add water to them and stir in the spices and I loved them, but after my recovery I haven’t touched then and I have loads of packs.

The only thing I could drink and enjoy during that period was ready made chilled rosehip soup (nyponsoppa) – that I still drink a lot of. Drink it like a juice. Rosehip soup is something were brought up on in Sweden and Ekströms is the biggest brand. A product older then me – Ekströms stared in 1930 to do the soup in powder packs and we just added water to it.

The biggest skiing event in Sweden is “Vasaloppet” 90 kilometer/53 miles long and 55,000 litre of Ekströms blue berry soup are consumed under one week. 15800 people did the race this year and they all start on one go. Going to do a post about this one day.

So yesterday I thought I must do something with those noodles – only the thought to eat them on their own, made me sick.

Took out some frozen chicken strips and I had some of Findus frozen Wok vegetables – Gold Mix – great product that contains: youcai, bamboo shots, carrots, whole sugar pees, spring onion, mini cobs and water chestnuts. Fantastic product and when I was living on those noodles I added this mix to them to give it a more texture.

I marinade the chicken strips in honey, sambal oelek, ketchup, honey, soy sauce, crushed fresh garlic and some grated fresh ginger – first I wok the chicken in small amount of peanut oil – then in with the frozen vegetables – cooked the noodles to the instruction on the pack – when ready I mixed it all together – and sprinkle with some toasted sesame seeds. The whole thing came out very good – so I will do it again, because I have at least 6 packs more of those noodles.

“When times get rough,
you always have Ramen Noodles”

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13 thoughts on “print out thursday leftovers

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like the ski even in Sweden is a lot of fun, that is incredible 55,000 litre of soup, and all the people that turn up for the start. You should do a post on it, sounds like a great day.
    I love the photo of the little girl, and the caption is beautiful. 😀

    • I will do for next years – a-z challenge … it’s one of the biggest ski events in the world really – and anyone can join. It’s bases on when our first King Wasa – where on the run from the Norwegians – on skis. And the farmers in county Dalarna was hiding him – a fantastic story really and true. Can do King Wasa under W – next year. Never thought about that this year.
      I love the little girl too .. and the dog with all the noodles on his head. Thank you for your support.

  2. What a day my friend! I’m always paranoid before flights and literally quadruple check my bag 😉
    Your meal sounds so wonderful! Pictures are mouthwatering!


    • Thank you, Uru …. today is clear up day – a bit of cleaning around the apartment – tomorrow at home spa day .. and closing the bags – all set. Will not be able to sleep the night before, but that is normal.

  3. The pics of your finished meal look very delicious! Are the noodle those snabb noodeles (or something similar). I remember my Iranian corridor-mate always buying them but he never ate them with the flavors they came with, like kyckling and the rest.
    The treatment really messes with your taste, I see it in my mom, she eats close to nothing because nothing tastes as it should or doesn’t make her nauseous.
    Have a good time on your trip!!

    • Yes, my taste buds was all over the place, nothing tasted good – the doctor told me not to eat something that I really like, because I could really dislike – thought it would work on chocolate .. but not a chance.
      I didn’t eat cheese for 2 months because it tasted too salty and I couldn’t drink coffee, but I’m back on one breakfast mug per day now. Wine I can drink a glass, but it doesn’t taste so good as it did before.
      So your mum goes on cancer treatment – I really feel for her – it’s a rough and tough journey to travel. And there is only 2 choices – do it or die.
      Thank you so much … I promised that I will have a fantastic time.

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