too big for $5 million

Melanie Amaro – a fantastic and beautiful young singer and woman, the winner of US X-facor 2011 – turns 20 TODAY – Happy Birthday, Melanie !!!!!. Living in UK I was born fan to X-factor, never been a fan of Pop-Idol, nothing good has really come out that show- at least not in UK.

Then last year US got X-factor and what a show that was. I download every episode from EZTV (probably with one foot outside the law) – and so soon this girl came on the stage I had a feeling that she would be the winner. I’m a massive fan of her, but something has gone wrong here.

She landed with LA Reid’s Epic Records, but nothing seen of her yet – except for the massive Pepsi commercial “King’s Court” together with Sir Elton John – with Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” – can only be downloaded over Itune, not released on record yet. Of course I have downloaded it – a brilliant performance by Melanie … but why haven’t anything else happen for her?????



Then I read that LA has put her on diet and equipped her with a personal trainer to get a new image plus he are very keep a very close eye out her progress – he has promised that a total new Malanie will return. What was wrong with the old version?????, she had a bit of plus weight – but she wasn’t fat or dangerous overweight. Of course $5 million is a lot of money, but she has only sold her voice for that – not her body and soul. Hope of all my heart that she will come through it in a healthy way.

Melanie is a very strong believer and maybe that will help her through this process. Really hope so, because what a lost it would be for the world if we lose that voice.

I think it’s so terrible – because in the bottom line it’s her voice that matters – or do we only buy records from artists that looks in a special way. What message do the industry send to our teens ???

It’s scary and upsetting. If Melanie was a man – would the pressure be the same on her ???? Don’t think so.
The classical music industry is a lot more tolerant and size doesn’t matter – so long as you have the voice … even if it’s a great plus if you look like Katherine Jenkins.

Since I was 20 have I been on a diet more or less, because I have pictured myself as fat and overweight – and I was a size 14. My mum had a very big part in that, because she so often said.. now you start gaining weight again and I don’t have a clue why she said it .
In 1970 I start to make my own clothes with the help of American Vouge pattern – and in all years I bought pattern for size 14 – never had to try them on … only have to add 5cm to the length. Everything suited my perfectly.
Then I where sent all over the world by my employer and the sewing machine stayed in Sweden.

This dress I sew for my 3 months visit in Athens 1976 – sew a lot from Oscar

Around 1990 I started to put weight on and then I lost interest in sewing too. When I gave up my apartment in Gothenburg and had to put everything in storage, all clothes that no longer fitted me I packed and gave to charities. When I packed my slim life away I started to cry like a baby – when I realized how thin I really been all the time. It was like a big part of my life had been stolen from me through all that dieting and deception of being overweight. From that day I have never bothered with my weight. Still XL, but I have accepted it. For the 3 years before my cancer was found I gained a lot of weight and became overweight big time .. and I was not happy about my weight then and started to hate my body. Then the cancer was found and I was told that rapidly gain weight gain is one of the symptoms for cervical cancer. I have lost 23 kilos/3.5 stones since my operation. Still a bit to go until if I want reach size 14 again, but I have realized that I will never come there again. Very happy over where I’m today and I’m alive.

(charity “myrorna” – the ants – “let your clothes live longer”) 

The other day when I was out walking in my silk skirt under the Midsummer sun – I met two men on the seafront and started to talk with them … as I was leaving them to go home one of them said … Viveka, you are such a beautiful woman.
I will be 64 in September and I’m two sizes too big, that compliment gave me such boost and suddenly my problems with my bladder, right leg and feet’s where so insignificant.

So when I read about Melanie and what she has to go through now … I became so upset.
When I read or hear about that teen age girls makes breast orientations, my heart bleeds – who is putting all this pressure on us, women … of course we have a big part in it ourselves, but why ????

“I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me!”

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34 thoughts on “too big for $5 million

    • Yes, it’s and there is mums that pressure young daughters to be models and be in beauty contests at very young age, terrible. Those girls will never get a normal view on life ever.

  1. The pressure on girls is too intense and they look up to celebrities like this lady who are under their own pressure! Society is wrong and how I wish we could change it!


    • Uru, we are the society – that’s where the whole thing lays, we us … if we didn’t buy glossy magazines and put our ideals on the “rich and beautiful” I think it had been a lot less and we do it ourselves – we are the ones that can stop it.

  2. Yes, I get all of this!
    Are you meaning to title your blog ‘gulity’ instead of ‘guilty’? Sorry, I may have missed something and I can’t seem to get the English teacher out of my system!

  3. Hi,
    Very sad to read about how they want to change this lovely lady, and I certainly hope everything works out well for her.
    Society really does need to change on this issue, and let people be who they are meant to be and not what others want them to be.

    • The whole thing is that we are the society – we have to say enough is enough … but we encourage the whole thing through buying glossy magazines – look at those mums that expose their very young daughters for beauty contests – and they do it because there is a market for it and audience – Terrible.

  4. ja det är sorgligt. Men viktigt att gå sin egen väg och vara nöjd med den. Det är ju faktikst andra egenskaper som räknas när allt kommer omkring!!

    • Just precis …. en tjej med en enorm gåva – en underbar röst, varför skall hon göras om för att kunna sälja sina skivor. Tycker Simon gjorde rätt med Susan Bolye som fick behålla sitt utseende .. fast de finslipade kanterna lite med – men hon har sitt forna utseende kvar till 98%.

  5. I agree with you 100% Viveca, but if someone becomes grossly overweight it can affect their health. Dieting just for appearance sake is wrong. I have dieted all my life but I was never a size 14 (not since I was a child at least). What a lovely compliment you got the other day. Must have made you feel really good.

    • Yes, it did make me feel very good and my problems faded quite a bit. It was a man that was a total stranger to me … he made my day even more pleasant. Totally agree with you that if somebody is unhealthy overweight they should get help – the scary bits is that so many children are so obese today – even over here, even if we are quite a healthy eating nation, it all that fast food, crisp and soft drinks. In France there is nearly no overweight people at all and the same in Japan, except the sumo wrestlers, but they die young too.

  6. i have always had a weight issue. my mom put me in a diet class in my seventh grade, so have struggled for years. now that i am older and caring for brother, the issue of weight drifts away from me more, and i find myself just being thankful for who i am. i do watch what i eat though but it is harder losing weight now that i am older

    • So true, Terry … it also takes the double time for a woman to lose weight after 40 then for a men.
      I think so long as we can accept the weight we have and it doesn’t cause any health problems … how cares about the extra kilos/lbs – in the old days you never saw a shinny woman on a painting or as a sculpture. So long as we are happy … and the heart is big and fat …

  7. Great post and what a lovely compliment you received. Yes, the pressures are too hard on women to conform and look a certain way. I believe in eating healthy and exercising for optimal health…for some people that might be svelte size 6 and for others it may be larger. I didn’t know this Melanie until I read this post but I think the above photo of her is beautiful.

    • Bliss, she becomes 20 today … and she are a stunning girl – don’t know what LA thinks about – not all can be like Rhianna. You should click on the link – feeling good – and you will understand why I became so upset of over the whole thing. Terrible. Exercise .. I know – but how boring, Zumba is more my thing. *smile

  8. Viveka, here is the recipe for the corn muffins. They really are ridiculous. While looking for your email I discovered in your About You page that you were born so close to when I was. I was born November 1st of the same year. How strange.

    Jalapeno Corn Muffins

    1 1/2 cups yellow cornmeal
    1/2 cup flour
    1/4 cup butter, melted and cooled
    1 cup sour cream
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup green onions, chopped fine
    2 tsp. jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced
    6 Tbsp. sugar
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. baking soda
    2 eggs, beaten

    Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in a gallon resealable freezer bag. Push all the air out of the bag and seal. Knead until all dry ingredients are incorporated into the wet. Twist the top of the bag to move all batter into corner of bag. Cut a hole diagonally in one corner. Spray 6 slot or 12 slot muffin pan with cooking spray. Squeeze batter into the pan swirling around as you fill it about 3/4 full.

    Bake for 15-20 mins. for 12 slot pan or 25-30 mins. for 6 slot pan until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean and muffins are light golden brown.

    Allow to cool slightly. Remove from pan and cool on rack or serve immediately. I serve these with honey butter with a touch of lime, yum.

  9. Excellent excellent post. I wish it was freshly pressed, to scream out to the world.

    I CANNOT COMPREHEND how if you are accepted on a record label, they can decide to put you on a diet. HOW does that work? I do not understand.

    Her picture is beautiful, she does not need “correction”. Just dreadful. I had no idea of this. It’s just WRONG.

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