high alert thursday leftovers

Bacon, Spinach, Asparagus and Feta Cheese Frittata

The whole day yesterday I heard ambulances and police cars – Midsummer in Sweden had pre-started! Many of us Swedes only work half day on Thursday and rush away to where ever they are going to celebrate Midsummer.

Midsummer weekend is the weekend when most people get killed on the roads and in/on the water over here in Sweden. Really sad, but it has been like this so long as I have been an adult. Too much drink goes in and no sense what so ever left – mostly when they are in a boat. Drink and driving isn’t that common anymore – even if it happens here too, but it’s the rush people are in that causes the accidents on our roads.   

Landskrona’s emergency service has quite of bit of highway to look after too – and plenty small roads. It was more or less none stop from that I had my breakfast around 09.30am. Plus yesterday was a stunning summer day and loads of people on the beaches and into that cold ocean, I’m sure that has caused some alarms too.

After lunch I toke on my flowered silk skirt on and the camera in my bag and went out for my catch of the day – and went down to castle and the ocean. Indulge my self at the castles cafe – I just enjoyed a wonderful summers day and to be alive. Not many of us that get a second chance, but I’m one of them. Post will follow. 

For dinner did I make Libby’s Spinach and Feta Frittata  again – don’t know how many times I have it done by now. Just love it and so easy to make – but I added bacon and asparagus to her recipe. Had both in the freezer plus some cushions of frozen heavy cream and I bough a small bag of fresh spinach on Tuesday. Feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes is something I always has in the fridge.

Just lightly fried the bacon – and removed it before I add the garlic and spinach to the pan. Only use only half her recipe (4 eggs). Also I always add some freshly grated nutmeg to the egg mixture – then just follow the recipe.

And it was all mine and I eaten it all too – and I sat on the balcony for nearly 2 hours and the sun was still burning after 09.00pm, before I washed up and crawled up in my big IKEA bed to watch “Immortal Beloved” with Gary Oldman as Beethoven with my stay up on *smile – one of my “soft spot films” – and life felt pretty good on 3rd floor, while outside the blue lights was on time after time. Yesterday was the longest day of the year and in Landskrona the sun was up 17.5 hours. The sun left my balcony 10.00pm.

“Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.”
Cliff Fadiman

Photos provided by and thanks to: nyhetsverket.se & ystadallehanda.se

22 thoughts on “high alert thursday leftovers

    • Yes, it really is … but I think it will be less problems today, because we have heavy rain – and it cools things down. At least here in the south it rains – a really pity for all the arrangements that has been done everywhere.
      The frittata became really good. – love that recipe. Thanks for your support.

  1. I see you are using your new cast iron pan…aren’t you glad you made that purchase? The asparagus in the frittata is such a good idea!

    • Yes, very happy for it .. but if I put on the stove first I can’t get the frittata out of the pan – so I grease it and and bake everything in the oven. Works fine and it comes out lovely and perfect as you can see on the picture. Just love that dish.

  2. Hi Viveka, to sit on the balcony on a summer’s night, how lovely. That meal you had must have been immensely satisfying. Did you really eat the whole Frittata?
    This movie about Beethoven sounds interesting. Who made this movie?
    Here in Australia we just had the longest night. We’re looking forward to the days getting longer again!

      • Thanks for the link, Viveka. I watched the trailer and enjoyed the music. Keep enjoying sitting outside on the balcony! We have a tiny backyard. We love to sit there in the sun for our morning tea.

      • I wish I could sit in the morning sun with my breakfast – but I do it without sunshine if the weather is warm .. love my balcony because it next to the kitchen, no carrying around. Thank you so much for your support.

    • Thank you so much … if I had been 25 years younger I would maybe start thinking about it – many have asked why I don’t have my own restaurant, but I never fancy working my ass of 263 days per year. Too lazy !!! I know what it means when staff don’t turn up and to find good staff. Thanks for the confident in me. A Fantastic compliment!

      • That has been talking about .. but too costly and then a friend came up with this blogging idea. That is the real reason why I started this blog, because I knew I will never be able to publish a cookery book. Maybe if you take the photos for it. *smile – and a food stylist is needed and they are so expensive by the hour.

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