tailor made wednesday leftovers

“Diva Baked Potato”
Baked potato with filling of tuna
combined with fresh ginger, garlic, finely chopped chilli
and red onion, coriander and mayonnaise

Yesterday I received my tailor made tight from Germany – wonder how many women in the world has tights made to their measures. Had sign for the little parcel and show ID at the candy store, that’s also my post office.

It’s not an other of my indulgence of luxury – no it has to do with my aftermaths from my cancer tumor removal. My tumor had spread – they found a sister tumor in one of my lymph nodes on the right side and they had to remove quite a few of them to be sure that no infected tissue where left behind – they and the robot removed on both sides. Don’t know how many they removed on the right side – but I can guess it was more than a handful. So what happens then is the the lymph has to find other ways to travel in my body … and if that don’t happen – the fluid will get lost and follow the gravity – ends up in my foot that on bad days became 2 times its normal size and me living on big feet’s anyhow. 

Same happen to many women that had breast cancer and got lymph nodes removed – they can end up with a very thick arm, if unlucky – all down to removed lymph nodes.

So for 8 months has I been wearing “pretty support”  and it have helped – my right leg had 15% more fluid then my left – I love wearing them, really give a fantastic support and so comfortable, but not when it’s +28C/82.4F outside. So during the hot 2 weeks we had in May I didn’t wear them and now when I had my check up – my leg was nearly back to where I started in October last year. Not fun – because the check up before I was down to only 7%. Told them that it will not happen that I will wear them if it’s warm outside. So we made a deal – if I don’t wear them during the days I have to sleep with them. Fine by me … isn’t that the way men wants us … in the bedroom with stay ups and high heels ???? *laughter Them offered me that they will make one tight tailor made for my right leg, my left leg don’t need  support anymore and that offer is okay for me.

So today the … little luxury arrived – and tonight will I sleep with one tight and some BASI FEMME by Armand Basi.

Now to the leftovers – made it simple for myself last evening – a very sunny evening, even the day was sunny – but extremely windy.  Normally I use cold smoked salmon for this filling, but I felt for tuna yesterday and I have 6 cans in the cupboard. This dish we served in our business class and it was very popular, especially with the ladies. We called “Asian Fusion Tuna Filling” – but I call it “Diva” filling.

Took the tuna from the cupboard and the “Chili Explosion” that I used yesterday and dried coriander from my spices draw, Italian herbs from the freezer – from the vegetable box: bake potato (massive), fresh ginger and garlic, red onion – fridge provided me with mayonnaise and some crisp Romaine leafs.

I let the tuna in oil – drain for a couple of hours .. finely chop the red onion, grate the ginger and crush the garlic – then I combined it with tuna, spices, herbs and mayonnaise.

The bake potato I wash .. dry and prick with a fork all over – before coating it with rapeseed oil and freshly ground some sea salt all sides.

When ready – I put it in tea towel and punch it hard so it opens up in a generous way – first the a butter piece – then the finely sliced lettuce (only time I use a knife in lettuce) and then the topping. Very suitable for a Diva with one tailor tight.

I don’t know if all of you know that the blue tub is for – on of my best friends in my kitchen and couldn’t do without. It’s a garlic peeler – I just put in the garlic cloves, so many as I can really and roll the tub and out they come perfectly peeled.

“I stay up – late every night and
realize that it was a bad idea every morning.”

Photo provided by and thanks to: cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.org

15 thoughts on “tailor made wednesday leftovers

    • Thank you very much …. have to take the whole thing with humor – otherwise the problems and illness wins and that don’t excite in my book *smile

    • I totally agree to you too! Viveka, you write so vey personal without making yourself a martyre of something like that. It’s amazing how full of life and inspiration you are!

      • Malin, thank you so much … I’m tired of being a martyr – was it for so many weeks during the treatments. Got both chemo and radio therapy on the same time and then my body gave up, glad I didn’t know how sick I was in the end. My sense of humor will never leave me.

    • Thank you … but this is something I have to live with – and it’s not direct painful so long as the foot don’t get too big. *smile

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