trail packing tuesday leftovers

Pan Fried Herb Marinade Pork Lion,
Garlic Sauté Cauliflower and New Potatoes

What a day that was .. only to get down the luggage from the shelve in the basement storage room – but when everything was up in the apartment, there was nothing stopping me.

Everything out in the living room – and I have about 10 kilo to play with, but I can’t get more in the bag .. would be nice with space too, because I know I will buy stuff that I don’t need but must have. My bag should be slightly bigger. Anyhow I have time to re-think and re-pack.

Monday evening and night we had full autumn – as I stepped off the bus when returning from mum – the sky became dark blue-grey (nearly black) and a full storm came over us. Couldn’t have my bedrooms window open. No rain.

Yesterday the sun was and it wasn’t, but when it was time for dinner – I had sun. So I enjoyed my leftovers outdoors and it taste a lot better.

Cauliflower – I like raw with a nice dipping sauce – but when I read Creative Noshing’s recipe the other day I felt it was time to eat some. From the freezer I took a pack with 3 slices herb marinaded and slightly smoked pork lion, and Findus Italian Herbs. The Cauliflower I bought before I left my mum and new potatoes plus fresh garlic did I have in the vegetable draw. Couldn’t find any chili flakes (sold out?????!!!!) – but found something called “Chili Explosion” – and it was spot on; various chili’s-black pepper-tomato-paprika plus it have a grinder in the lid – very fancy.

Just followed the recipe and it was so EASY – the phone rang and that made my chopped garlic too much fried – didn’t burn but not fare off. Shit happens everyday in a kitchen. The cauliflower very tasty and it’s something I will do it again.

“Satuteed Cauliflower”@Creative Noshing

While writing this have I been listen to Prokofiev’s “Roméo et Juliette, op.64, Montagues et Capulets, Suite 2, no.1” with New York Philharmonic and conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos – it gives me goosebumps even under my feet’s. Life is pretty wonderful … only 11 days to takeoff and by the way – I love ballet.

For your eyes and ears only –  “Romeo and Juliet – Dance of The Knights”

“Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.”
Mark Twain

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6 thoughts on “trail packing tuesday leftovers

    • Yes, that spice mix was really good … never seen it before – something new on the shelve. Yes, your cauliflower was excellent I will do it again. Easy dish too. Thanks for sharing.

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