everything plus the kitchen sink

This with packing is the same story every time – I have always make a wardrobe  schedule – to make it easier for myself – the intentions are good every time. Yesterday was trail packing day.

27 days and in big cities – needs a cool, comfortable and some what elegant wardrobe, on the plus side is that I only have to a schedule for Chicago and then I can repeat on the 3 other destinations.Travelling light is nothing that will happen in my life – love my clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry too much. My biggest problem this time is the luggage in itself – because I will use my new “baby”, Paul Smith’s Mini Cooper cabin bag, and it’s wheeled – and I can’t manage 3 wheeled bags. So I will go for my biggest suite case, the biggest bag, cabin bag and laptop bag as handbag, very practical with pocket for everything inside.  And it match – I like that.  To travel solo is also to make a bit of statement and to be notice – would never shy away in a corner … same when I check in on airports and hotels. Want to be remembered, the whole charm school is open then.

Have always bought good quality luggage and same with my handbags – not much for designer gear otherwise, but my handbags I invest in. My black YSL bag I had for over 25 years and use it 55% of the year. It looks used and that is what I like about it – it carries it’s usage well.

The little red Ferragamo clutch bag – I got 3 years ago over Ebay for nearly nothing. A real treat. My navy and white Via Vento I bought in Rome for 33 years ago, didn’t come cheap – but consider all the years it has been used, a bargain. Love when handbags are lined with leather – my little indulgence of luxury.

Always dress up when going out for a meal – because then I put make up on, use my one of my favorite perfumes – and it’s also to make a great entrance when eating alone, so I don’t end up by the kitchen entrance door *smile – and to show respect to the restaurant.

Since I stop working I don’t wear any make up daily– and it great and also my skin has become a lot better, even if I have a very good skin and very few wrinkles for my age.
But when I dress up I want to go the full monty.

Travelling; Copenhagen – Chicago
Navy linen trousers, blue/navy/white/red striped top
Red ballerina – red laptop bag

Sunday, 1/7 – The Purple Pig
White slim trousers, navy/white striped tunic
White ballerina + navy/white bag

Mondag; 2/7
Black/red/sand/pink flowered skirt, black short armed cardigan
Black sandals

Evening; The Publican
White line trousers, grey top, grey/white stripe long shirt
Red Ballerina + red Ferragamo clutch bag

Tuesday; 3/7
Beige skirt, beige shade T-shirt
Black sandals

Evening: SEPIA
Black silk suite
Black patent leather sandals + black YSL bag

Wednesday; 4th of July
Leopard pattern T-shirt dress
Black sandals

Black silk trousers, black silk top
Black patent leather sandals + black YSL bag

Thursday; 5/7
Sand raw silk dress
Black sandals

Evening; Slurping Turtle
Navy/white striped trousers, blue/white top, white long linen shirt
Navy/white ballerina + navy/white bag

Friday; 6/7
White linen trouser, navy/white top
Black sandals

Green silk trousers, green knitted top
Red high heels sandals + red Ferragamo clutch bag

Saturday: 7/7
Grey linen trousers, grey/white T-shirt
Black sandals

Evening: ZAD451
Sand 3-piece linen suite
Red high heels sandals + red Ferragamo clutch bag

Travelling: Chicago – Seattle
Sand linen trousers, sand knitted top
Silk rose ballerina

Black and white spotted carding
Black linen trousers
Red/white striped linen dress
2-piece multi colour silk dress
6 various T-shirts
Green/black/white flowers silk blues
Navy/white striped jumper
Sand/white striped jumper
2 Sand linen trousers
White linen trousers
Black linen trousers
White/red/pink flowered cardigan
Sand/white top
Black/red/sand/pink flowered cardigan
32 set of under wears
2 Black swimsuits
Grey/white flowered skirt + vestcoat
Grey blazer
3 night wear
Bronze light coat
Rain coat

Black high wedges
Animal printed ballerina
Bronze shopping bag

As I said – the intentions are good every time. * laughter  Wish me luck … !!!

Will come to jewelry and perfumes later.

Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage
on the carousel never belongs to anyone?”
Erma Bombeck

Photos provided by and thanks to: alltravel.md & targetingdoctors.com

19 thoughts on “everything plus the kitchen sink

    • No, I think the chance is very small that it will happen, but every time I return – I have 1/2 suitcase that I haven’t even used. Thanks for your support in this matter – think I have to re-think hand luggage … because I have 10 kilo’s to play with, but no space – I will figure it out. Maybe “Mini Cooper” have to stay at home.

    • Glad it’s not only me – but it’s heavy load to travel with alone – but done it for so many year and every time I say to myself – this is the last time! *laughter – Thanks for liking my shoes .. and bags – I love them too.

  1. What a fun post! You are going to look gorgeous on your trip. Nice accessories–great investment pieces that have lasted you a long time. I love leather lined bags too–many of my vintage bags have that luxury. Your one suitcase is about the most fun piece I have ever seen. And the shoes! Love the red slingbacks, the rhinestone ballet flats and the rose ones. So chic!

    • Yes, I love that “mini cooper” bag – it’s from the British designer Paul Smith – he has done a whole range of , bags – think of getting his laptop one too, but my Japanese red is a fantastic bag – so not now. The red high heel slingback I bought in London, in one of the many shoe shops at Petticoat Lane Market, they have beautiful shoes for “big foot” like me. Love them and so comfortable. The both Ballerina is from NEXT, UK too. Thanks for your liking.

    • Thank you so much – off to Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria, BC. How can you forgotten that ??? *smile I don’t understand how some can manage out of backpack *smile

  2. that’s so amazing! I just love all your ballerinas!!
    My suitcase will look quite different this summer… 🙂

    • Yes, I love my ballerina’s – but not really good for my bad feet’s – will be okay for a couple of hours in the evening. The red & white I bought on sale in Germany I will be able to use longer. Looking forward to see your suitcase. *smile

  3. I always pack way too much when I travel too. Then, when I get to my destination, I still find myself missing something I wish I would’ve brought with me. We women, we love our wardrobes with us. 🙂

    • Yes, I think the most of us … are the same, I normally don’t miss anything, but 1/2 of aren’t used when it’s time to unpack at home.

    • Thanks, Maralee .. yes, I like to plan .. half the fun – always been like that – don’t know if I’m organized – but so fare it looks good, but I think I have leave mini cooper at home and take an other suitcase, otherwise I lose out on 10 kilo. Still re-thinking. Yes, I have decided I will have the trip of my life. *smile

  4. It is nice to know someone that plans ahead like I do. I have everything laid out weeks ahead of time with check lists. If someone called and can you leave two weeks ahead of time, I could say yes, my bags will be packed in five minutes.

    • Karen, planning is halve the pleasure of the travelling, it builds up the excitement a bit – have always planned, but do not always stick to it. I will check everything again and see if there is anything I don’t really need – then the bags close on Saturday evening. Can’t believe its only 6 days left.

    • Malin, as he says in your dummie video – maybe we have picked the wrong flowers and I have definitively picked the wrong guys. To meet through the music is even a better choice. There was a period of my younger life when I dreamed about Placido Domingo – after seen him alive at Canada Place in Vancouver. He are coming to Malmö in December, thinking of going. Still a very handsome man.

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