this morning a wonderful piece of music …

came into my life.

Yesterday I received a mail about a new post  “The City of Samba” from “Acorn in My Kitchen”, so this morning I open it up and there was the most wonderful little video with a totally new view on Rio and the carnival, but the music talked to me straight away and I had to find out more here and then.

So I went to “Vimeo” straight away and there I found the composer and the maker of the video, Jarbas Agnelli and a little video about how he composed the music to his video. A wonderful musical piece.

Then Google told me that the music is to be found on Itune – so now I’m the proud owner of both, The City of Samba – part I and II.

Thank you, so much “Acorn in My Kitchen”, for bringing it to me …  and for sharing all you wonderful recipes and to make me bake all those wonderful and wired cakes/breads, but a special thanks for all the short wonderful videos you share with me, enjoy them so much.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”
William Shakespeare

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10 thoughts on “this morning a wonderful piece of music …

      • Don’t take me wrong … I love Mojitos and Margarita, but after my chemo wine and I don’t like each other that much. One glass no problem with nice food, but after that I struggle.
        Have to do like the Americans do .. have my Mojito with me dinner *smile

  1. Viveka, is the chemo ongoing? That must be very difficult. I have a friend that went through it and I remember she had trouble digestively as well. Well at least you can hoist a Mojito. 🙂

    • Mojitos no problem .. vodka & tonic – and campari & grapefruit juice – goes down like a treat too. My stomach got a good run for it’s money duirng the radio therapy too and it could be the acids in the wine that don’t agree with it still.

  2. I’m sorry – had to come back in because I felt I was insensitive. I knew you were dealing with these issues – I’m just busy sticking my foot in my mouth today and it simply will not dislodge. Have a great day!

    • No. worries – Susan … my treatments where over in October 2010, but the wine still don’t taste the same. During or just after the chemo it tasted like metal – was same with coffee, so I only drink one mug a coffee per day now for breakfast – but it taste good.

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