sun back saturday leftovers

Grilled Salmon on Crushed New Potatoes
with Wilted Baby Spinach and Citrus Sauce

On Saturday the summer came back to us, but I can’t call it summer – still wonderful!!!! Was a bit down on Friday – don’t really know why, maybe it was the weather or it was something that happen for no reason. I just wanted to disappear under the duvet after only a few hours out off the bed. Saturday brought a good feeling, even if I had technical problems with my emails – they did come through, so I didn’t receive any of your postings. Fixed now.

Normally do I always use fresh salmon for dinner, even as the lonely diner – the frozen I only use for my Orange Fish Soup and as a back up if somebody should turn up that are hungry! So a little stroll down to CityGross – for some new potato, a shallot, ice cream and fresh bread! So fare this week as my food spends only has come to 300SEK/£27.30/$42.05/€33.65 – all down to using the leftovers.

Always remember to rinse carfeful any salmon (fresh or frozen) under cold running water for a while and then path dry with absorbing paper – this way will you be free from most of the white fatty “foam” on the salmon and it also take out the fishy taste. A rule for all fish really, but especially the salmon and when it’s going to be poached. The fatty “foam” as I call it – can really turn me off a great dish.

Wendy@Chez Chole – published the other day a citrus sauce with her seared scallops – that I wanted to try out, because I had everything at home – didn’t have white balsamic vinegar, but I had a white herb vinegar. The sauce was very easy to make, but if not careful it can slit. For my taste it was a bit too sour so I added 1 tsp sugar. Couldn’t get minced shallots – so I finely chopped the 1/2 small shallot and then I where running it in the orange juice with the hand mixer/blender – came out perfect. The sauce is one of the most divine sauces I eaten for a long time, where scraping the pan. Just follow Wendy’s recipe.

Always freeze the “le petit garçon” of the wine bottles – both white and red – to use for cooking. The spinach I had leftover from the National Day Chicken salad (Wednesday) – still crisp and fresh in its air tight plastic bag. Always use fresh grated nutmeg with spinach. Looking at my photos could I have picked the steams a bit – but I forgotten and it’s baby spinach – would have bitten the head off the one of my chefs that had served the spinach like this. Guys, even the sun has spots. *laughing.

“Le petit garçon” – is really the last bit of what left of a wine bottle – and that wine should be given to the the young restaurant helper, the busboy – le petit garçon. That was custom in France in the old days.

Crushed potatoes are one of my favourite ways to serve new potatoes. Just crush them coarse with a fork while adding some clarified butter and then I pressed them into a forming ring, a MUST to have tool for any chef today. The salmon I grilled in my IKEA grill pan that I brushed with oil and I  added a  small amount of dill (frozen and Findus of course) in the oil.

Before I pressed the orange I took some orange zest of the peel – you have to soak the zest in some warm water for a while – to get the bitterness out.

No sunshine on the plate yet. In the evening the sun where gone – so eating in the kitchen again, but the sauce and the zest gave a bit sunshine.

“The potato, like man, was not meant to dwell alone.”
Shila Hibben

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21 thoughts on “sun back saturday leftovers

    • The sauce was wonderful and I will do it again – the rings are great .. for desserts and to stack things up. You can buy them over

      • Oh I’ve got a few of those… 🙂 like about 2 dozen. But I need to put them on my bring back to Germany list. We head out Saturday for 7 weeks. You’ll get a glimpse of my other life soon.x

      • I thought it was strange that you of all wouldn’t have the rings. 7 weeks back home .. how lovely – looking forward to see the reports. And for me is’t only 19 days left. Can’t wait neither.

  1. Hi,
    Very nice, and what a great idea to put the potato in a ring, it does make the presentation look very good. The meal looks delicious.

    • It was very delicious, that sauce from Wendy was excellent – have done orange sauce with salmon before but totally different and with less calories *smile
      Those rings are a great tool when cooking – make the plate tidy. Thanks for you comment.

  2. Salmon is such a delicacy in these parts, its abominably expensive, a rare treat… your leftover recipe with the beautiful summery colors of summer had me dreaming…thanks dear viveka for adding zest to my dreams, a lovely post i most enjoyed 🙂

    • Thank you so much … for your wonderful words – they landed straight in my software *smile. I can image that salmon is expensive where you live – it’s very expensive here too – but frozen is a lot cheaper. You gave me zest too now. *smile

      • 🙂 may you stay as zesty as your posts, i just love em! wish I could cook with that enthusiasm! its so hot here and we gotta cook everything!!!

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