tener éxito fuera de lugar del color!

All thanks to Acorn in My Kitchen again – that was me trying out something new. Love his cakes and bread where she mix with fresh vegetables and herbs.

So when I got the email with his new post “Avocado and Roasted Hazelnuts Cake” – I knew this is just meant to be.

Tuesday a little tour to CityGross, my supermarket and I found the green food coloring – on the market again, was banded for many years.

Home with my shopping and unpacking the trolley – I got the little bottle with coloring and I put it beside the micro wave.

Because I never been a big fan of baking, most because I can’t bother with yeast – don’t have the patient to wait for the dough. I know – a chef that don’t bake .. but it have never been a problem – always somebody else that could do the baking and as an Executive Chef … I had Head Chefs to take that on, have never claimed I can bake neither. My souffles makes up for my lacking in the yeast handling. *smile

Then I got the idea that I should make the cake in my souffle tins – so I had to find them first before I started … after 40 min searching they where found, but then the little bottle with the green color was gone.  Still haven’t found it. Nowhere to be find. Wouldn’t surprise me if it had gone back in one of the cupboards with all the stuff I had to take out while looking for my souffle dishes. What a carry on.

The avocado that I bought was very green so the cakes are slightly green in color – really pretty and they are so scrumptious and full of flavor.

I followed just the recipe – and because I made the cake into indv. cakes the time they need was 30 min.

Once again – dix points à l’Espagne.

Just found out that SHE are a HE and not a SHE – so happy for that was cleared up. It makes the HIS recipe even more interesting. So sorry, for the mix up of sexes, but it happens in cyber space at time.

“If I was made of cake I’d eat myself before somebody else could.”
Emma Donoghue

Photo provided by and thanks to: ikea.se

8 thoughts on “tener éxito fuera de lugar del color!

      • I didn’t need the extra food coloring – haven’t found the bottle yet !! Just vanished. My avocado had color enough. Got quite big 6 indv. cakes for from the recipe. Lovely – will try his courgette and carrot cake too before holiday.

  1. Yeast is so annoying. The last time I went into battle with it, it took me 5 packets to get it to rise. This looks so good. I would think the avocado would make it wonderful and rich. Yum.

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