painting thursday leftovers

Grilled Cure Back Bacon with New Potatoes, Saute Onion and Baked Beans Topped with Poached Egg

Yesterday was the last day for the guys on my balcony – the painting is done and I came move all the stuff back out tomorrow – what a blessing. My kitchen and entrance hall I been a mess now for over 2 weeks. The balcony looks brand new. They have done a great job.

Every year we get a survey from the landlord and for 2 years I have been complaining on the balcony standard, this year they listen to us. Must been more than me that has been complaining – anyhow the guys has been great and working so hard. Today everything will be back to normal at least on my balcony.

This isn’t something I made up because of using the leftovers – this is something I enjoy at least once a week. All my years over in UK/Ireland has influenced me. Just love Heinz Beanz. So the only thing out the freezer was a pack of 3 slices of NETTO’s smoked back bacon in piece. A wonderful meat as you can see on my photo. I buy a piece and then I slice and freeze in 3 slices packs.

When I saute onions I use 50/50 butter and oil plus a spice that is called persillado – think it’s a Swedish mixture. Excellent for all kind of vegetables, pasta, sauces, gratin and salads. It says on the bag: salt, parsley, garlic, onion, pepper, vegetable oil and paprika. Have introduced it to some of my friends over in UK and now I have to bring a couple of bags with me when I visit. Personal I would be lost without it.

Ikea grill-pan “Grilla”, is one of my favorite pan and as you can see it really grill everything nicely – just brush it slightly with oil and put it on the stove. Couldn’t live without it and the handle can be folded.

Bought a couple of Swedish new potatoes – that I scrape slightly. Wonderful stuff – can just eat them with butter on. The best thing with Swedish summer. Not that expensive, but worth the money.

The tomato I brush with oil and sprinkle frozen Italian herbs and some freshly ground black pepper also.

Hienz beanz pot goes into the micro wave for 60 sec.

“Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.”

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11 thoughts on “painting thursday leftovers

  1. Jag har också en sån grillpanna från IKEA. DEn är fantastisk och används flitigt! Den gör så snygga ränder dessutom!
    Skönt att balkongen är klar! Njut!!

    • Ja, ösregnet kom .. idag – men allting har i alla fall lämnat köket och hallen. Ja, fantastisk panna för 99kr. Har alltid använt Hackman’s grytor och pannor – finska och mycket bra, men jag har övergått till Ikea mer och mer.

    • And the rain is pouring down .. so I don’t know to use today – because I will not go and shop. Balcony back to normal – but wet, wet .. WET!

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