drama wednesday leftovers

Spinach, Orange and Strawberry Salad with
Oven Grilled Chicken Breast

Before the drama I had taken out a large chicken breast – always buy frozen chicken breast to use for salads, pizza toppings and baked potato filling – so I had planned to do Chicken Salad.

I had got the idea from Susan’s “Spinach and Strawberry Salad”  – but I couldn’t find poppy seeds at the supermarket for the dressing, so I used my own from the bottle I have in fridge.

Back home after the “whole experience” I was a bit worn out even if I had a great day, so I was glad that I had decided to have a salad for my dinner. No sun on the balcony neither. This is the sun … in Landskrona last evening. Compact grey sky and the sun still shining through, amazing view.

Then has my memory card reader gone nutty – after I upgrade all my drivers in PC, so I have to check the photos on my netbook – email them to myself and publish them from the PC. Netbook is okay, but the screen is small .. and I love my PC, even if the card slots don’t work. Just remembered that I have card slots on my Canon printer – and it works fantastically.

When shopping on Tuesday I bought a bag of spinach, 2 couple of chestnut mushrooms and fresh strawberries, our Swedish strawberries are ready now and so full of flavour – dare to say that Swedish Strawberries are probably the best strawberries in the world. Love to eat them for breakfast marinade in freshly pressed orange juice or on my daily dose of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Also I when bought the ripe avocado for the cake – they came in a 2-pack – so that I used too and I had some hazelnuts from that adventure (post tomorrow) over to chop up too.

Had a small amount of some marinade left in my fridge door – smoked honey … I think it was, so I marinade the chicken breast for an hour and then in the oven. Then just slice everything and put in with the lettuce.

“When arguing with a chicken, a grain of corn is always wrong.”
African Proverb

16 thoughts on “drama wednesday leftovers

  1. åh vad gott det ser ut med jordgubbar som en kontrast i salladen! Idag har vi kycklingtema, du och jag 🙂

    • Yes, it was a great salad and … I just put in what ever I had available at home. Chicken and fruit goes so well together. Have a great salad evening.

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