spending tuesdays leftovers

Grilled “Falukorv” with Carmalized Sweet Chilli Carrot Mash

After a bit back slash at the hospital – my right leg is back to where it was in October last year – but I haven’t used the pretty support tights during the warm period of 12 days we had in May – and the last pair I got wasn’t a good fit neither, so I haven’t been a good girl and worn them so much as I should.

They are now ordering a thinner tights to my legs measure (tailor made tights) and I have promised that if I don’t use the tights during the days under my holiday, will I use them during night. There is no way I can wear them when it’s hot summer – at least what I hope for over in Chicago and Canada. ONLY 25 days left now.

So I was a bit down on Monday coming home from Lund and yesterday I treated myself with a bit of shopping; a nice comfortable sandals made for walking in big cities … have problems with my feet’s too – they are numb and they hurt very quickly from walking. Hard to find good shoes and doesn’t look like barn doors and to make things worst do I need UK/EU8 = US10. Found a pair – rather feminine, made in Germany. Here they are (Victoria) – and it’s like walking on clouds for 650SEK/£59.00/€72.30/$90.00

I also bought a trendy pair of Polaroid Suncover – what a fantastic product. Don’t need glasses more then for reading and close up – and I need glasses when using the camera. So those sunglasses goes just on top of my glasses and they cover completely both glasses and frame. This  is the model I bought for 495SEK/£44.65/€55.00/$68.50

So I felt a bit after that spread – then it was down to dinner and leftovers again. Nothing exciting what so ever – had some “Falukorv” in the freezer, carrot, potatoes, sweet chili sauce and I shopped some fresh broccoli. Caramelized Sweet Chili Mash  is one of my favorite mashes.

“Falukorv” is the most popular sausage in Sweden and we learn to love it as kids – not much flavor to it – but it’s one of our national treasures. 1890 was it made the first time and in 1973 the name “Falukorv” was protected – plus in 2001 it also got protected in EU.  It’s a slightly smoked cooked pork and beef sausage, can be eating cold too without any perpetration. Falu – stands for the place where it original was made – Falun is the name of the town. Korv means sausage. The thing is that in the old days had the houses in Falun in county Dalarna – a special red color and the “Falukorven” has a red “skin”.

“Laws are like sausages.
It’s better not to see how they are made.”
Otto Von Bismarck

Photos provide by: rieker.de & polaroideyewear.se

14 thoughts on “spending tuesdays leftovers

  1. Retail therapy has it’s place for sure. A day at a time right? Keep the spirit and wear the damn tights at night…. sounds like it’s good for you.
    You are a creative genius with the leftovers. Me and you could do one of those shows where you go home with someone and make something out of whatever is around… did Jamie Oliver or somebody already do that? Must have.
    I’m on my own for a few days. Last night it was a one pot deal- sliced courgette, fresh basil, lachs, soft egg and creme fraiche & a little smoked salt.
    We’d be a good team!

    • Wendy … I think we will be unbeatable – as a team !!! What I’m lacking you will make up for. TV show about leftovers – I don’t think that has been made yet.In UK they have this ready steady cook, you must have seen that. Where the guest buy ingredients for £5.00 and they have to cook from that.
      Yes, I will wear my stockings at night – have tried it and no problem for me to sleep with it on. They where very understanding at the clinic – but still done so good and I hoped that the problem was gone and the fluid had found an other route, but I seams I’m stuck with it.

  2. jag blir alltid så sugen på svensk mat när jag ser dina bilder. Jag blev t o m sugen på falukorv, även om korven är mycket bättre här i Tyskland… Snygga skor och solglasögon! Unna dig!! Vad spännande med din resa 🙂

    • Håller fullkomligt att tyskarna vet hur man skall göra korv – de är världsmästare på korv. Du kan läsa om min resa … klicka på “up to now” – i marginalen. Skorna är så underbart sköna – har ju fått ömma fötter efter cellgift-behandligen, så jag har jätte problem att finna skor som inte gör ont. Eco provade jag och kunde knappt gå 4 steg med dem. Dessa är verkligen som att gå på moln och tyska förstås. Skall köpa ett par till imorgon.

  3. You deserve to spoil yourself more than a little my friend – enjoy shopping as therapy (I know I do all the time :P)
    As for your creativity with leftover food, I love your posts about it!


    • Thank You so much …. I love writing them too.
      Shopping is never wrong .. but specially when feeling a bit down – make magic for a couple of hours and the sandals are really like walking on clouds. Wonderful, will buy an other pair tomorrow.

    • Start the count down … so long forward to this trip and with new sandals I will be able walk so much I want. They are really like walk on clouds – the Germans are great !!!! That was my biggest worry – my foot pads are so soar – all down to the chemo.

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