national day drama …. blood everywhere – call 112

6th of June is the Swedish national day .. and an extra red day – that means that the ER at Landskrona is closed!

After breakfast I start washing up – do that manual and done so most of my life … the phone rings and after the call I was going to continue – was aware about that my juice glass was there in the soapy water – got the glass up, but dropped it. Normal the sound tells you when something breaks, but nothing like that all – put down my hand to pick up the glass again – then the drama happen – cut myself on the outside of right hand – a deep cut and wide too. 11.10 am this happen.

So where shall I turn for help – blood everywhere – got some bath towels out, it was clear that this I couldn’t be able to fix myself.

Sat me down to be able to think clear, then I phoned 112 – a nice man took me call and passed me on to nurse, his name was Anders. He told me that he will send a team around to have a look and help me to bandage the “damage” – now 11.30 am – still blood everywhere. Our ambulance service here in Skåne are Danish owned,  Falck.

After talking to nurse Anders – very nice man – I remember what to do, have basic medical training from my years with Stena Line. Got one of my incontinence towels on to the cut and a tea towel around the hand and hold the arm up high.
11.45 am the ambulance girls came – then I had stopped bleeding – they had a look at the damage, took blood pressure, pulse and temperature. They told me that I have to get some stitches and could either make my way into Lund’s or Helsingborg’s ER.
They tidy me up – and put a pressure bandage on and reported in my case.
30 min later was I on my own again … still not dressed – no shower and no teeth brushed, so that had to be done – except the shower – did a “Liverpool wash”
Called for my hospital transport 01.10pm – got a taxi 35 min later, they have special taxis for hospital transports.
Arrived Helsingborg’s ER 20 min later – left with 4 stitches richer 40 min after that and without local anesthesia and the whole experience cost me 450SEK/£40.25/€50.00/$62.30 – everything included ambulance team, taxi, hospital and train journey home – cheaper than my sandals I bought yesterday. Had a really great experience from that I called 112 until I was back home.

My doctor, Sven – where transferred to the orthopedic ER   – a real charmer – a nurse asked him if he had light enough for sawing the stitches – she will bring a lamp, because I say laying on a stretcher in the corridor and was fine with that … and his answer was: No, thanks! No need. Viveka here are lighting up my day.

Could have got a taxi as transport home too – but I walked to the station and took the train, back in “blood every where apartment”, 04.20pm with only a plaster on as bandage. Now to the leftovers *smile

By the way do you know that it’s the same emergency services number inside the whole of EU – 112 !!!!

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27 thoughts on “national day drama …. blood everywhere – call 112

  1. Nothing like a national holiday to get some kind of medical emergency right? I remember my mum cutting her finger on christmas and needing to go to the ER, what fun, NOT!
    I’m glad you’re ok though.

    • .. amazing that a bit a drama can turn out to be a pleasant day – all because the people I met and their attitude against me and my little drama. Felt so special during the whole journey.

    • Lori, thanks a million – have cut myself so many times as chef, so I was very calm about it all – but I had a good day thanks to everybody that came on my path and their attitude against me. Will take good care of the hugs.

  2. Oh my goodness. Glad it wasn’t worse and that you were able to get the medical attention you needed. Hope it doesn’t pain you much.

    • It’s the area around a bad cut gets numb when it happens – so I didn’t take any local without anesthesia neither before the stitches. Only problem is that I have ware surgical a glove and it sticks to the keyboard. Doing just fine, but I will crawl up in my bed now with 5 episodes of “Castle” and a big bowl of ice cream and fresh strawberries. Thank you so much for your concern !!!

      • Good excuse for eating more ice cream and to look at a rather handsome man. *smile My doctor today – very charming and handsome man in his 50th.

    • Hjärte tack … om jag gör något galet är det till 110%. Skall krypa upp i min stora höga IKEA säng med media boxen på och en stor skål med SIA vanilj glass. Hade en fantastisk upplevelse genom mitt “drama”

    • Thank you … so use to bad cuts .. from working with mad chefs and cutting myself too, but this I couldn’t had fixed myself. Blood do bother me, but I couldn’t stop it. Had a great day .. through all this, Strange really. Wonderful people that took care of me.

    • No more blood … if we take a deep breath and sit down in all the drama – this comes much clearer. Must admit that I panic when I saw the size of the cut and for that there was no ER locally open, but everything turned out to be a great day – people where so fantastic and I just had a cut on my hand.

  3. Vi, you ok? please be careful. i could have panic too, as im scared of seeing blood. And it’s a big relief to hear that nice people took care of you. Take care!

  4. Glad you are ok. In the US our emergency number is 911 and the ambulance ride alone would have been several thousand US dollars. Our healthcare system is sick and needs major surgery to repair it.

    • Cindy … I know – terrible health system you have … we pay very high taxes – around 32-45% but we get a lot for our money, at last I think so. We have the same system for both poor and rich, cost us $10.50 per night to be on hospital that is with everything included. Operations, doctors … medicine, care and food.

    • He was a darling – good looking too. Little eye candy. I think you can dial 112 too, because it’s a EU number. It’s a couple of years now since they agreed on have one number in all EU countries. Very handy – had friends had a car accident out Antwerp – they just dial 112 from the mobile and got English spoken help straight away. Fantastic setup.

  5. Drama can be exciting but not when it includes blood. Thank goodness you remained calm and had nice people to deal with your emergency. Happy that you are doing OK.

    • Thank you, Karen … blood don’t really bother me so long it’s my own! So nice people all the way – great experience in the drama.

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