mother’s day leftovers

Salmon Cheese Cakes with Spinach Mash, Grilled Fresh Asparagus and Crispy Bacon served with Hollandaise Sauce, served me 

My mum and I – we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day – because if we can only do something very special for our mums on one day per year – why bother. It’s all a commercial trick, with mum in Simrishamn on Sunday and I was here in Landskrona meant me cooking for one again and leftovers.

Sunshine on the balcony again – and what did I find in the freezer; salmon and cheese cakes – a product I buy fresh from time to time – and then I freezer two – so I only had to buy the fresh asparagus and the fresh hollandaise sauce .

Old potatoes in the larder – salmon cakes, frozen chopped spinach, peas and diced bacon from the freezer. Frozen chopped spinach comes in small cushions – so I defrost two of them over night – all the excess water goes out – but still I have to press with a spoon in the sieve to get all water out.

Oven on +170C/330F – two salmon cakes under foil – for about so long it takes to do the rest. When it’s about re-heating food in the oven I always put the product in when I put the oven on – to save time and energy.
So I boil my 2 big potatoes, cut in halve – then I heat up 50ml (1.7 fl oz) full milk, 5 gr (0.18oz) butter, freshly ground nutmeg, 1 tsp sugar and black pepper.
After draining the boiled potatoes I put them back on stove quickly so all the water evaporates. Hate runny mash. In the same pot as I have boiled the potatoes I add the spinach whisk with my electric mixer and add the warm milk mixture, whisk on highest speed so it gets real fluffy.

The asparagus I blanch off very quickly and rinse under very cold running water – patch with absorbing paper.
In the hot grill-pan I have put the diced bacon and so the asparagus. The hollandaise sauce I re-heat “sous vide” (boil in a bag) – put the bag in boiling water and boil for 5-7  min.
Peas is a must for me with fish cakes – love green peas and I would never buy fresh, because the frozen once are such a fantastic product and it has all it’s goodies inside plus they never discolor or get overcooked. Stunning product.
So peas into boiling salted water for about 5 min – then drained.

Then it’s only to arrange it all on the plate and enjoy … in the evening sun.

“You piss me off you Salmon …
You’re too expensive in restaurants.
Eddie Izzard

17 thoughts on “mother’s day leftovers

  1. I think you should celebrate your mum everyday 😀 – it’s not like they are only there for you once a year!
    Great sounding leftovers in your freezer though 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Yes, I agree about “Mothers Day” – also what about all those women that can’t get any children .. think it’s not fair against them neither. We should celebrate our mothers and fathers so often there is a chance – not on a date. Fare too much in my freezer, all depends on that there is no packs for “lonely” diners like me. So have freeze down. Miss UK in that respect.

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