somehow i’ll find my way home

Not a big fan of maps … because I can never fold them together neatly again once open and this with have to stop more often then seldom – and fold it out to see where to go. For me maps are a bloody nuisance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for my Swenglish *smile

Then the “POPOUT MAPS” came and they where a blessing –not bigger then my passport and had all relevant information.

When going to PARIS a couple of years ago – I read about Garmin and their CityXplorer.
On selected models could a city maps be downloaded on the GPS and then put it on pedestrian mode.

Been so many times in Paris, but only once as a true tourist where I have to find my own way – so I knew we would need some kind of help to find our way around the city.
So I bought a Garmin nüvi 1200 (the cheapest model) and downloaded Paris CityXplorer from their website – cost me $9.90/€7.90/£6.35 and what a fantastic tool. Then I preloaded our hotel address and the addresses to restaurants we planned to visit. All the tourist attractions comes preloaded.

You see, I don’t have any Iphone or smart phone … hate them more or less – want my mobile for phone calls and a couple of text maybe, so I don’t have any google maps that way. If I need to use internet I wait until I’m home – love the gadget free existence when I choice is mine.

Put the GPS in to pedestrian mode and you get a pair of clogs showing you the way – it doesn’t talk to you – have to look at it. Maybe it does, but I didn’t manage to find the sound on pedestrian mode. Only thing is that, at least on my model, you have to hold the Garmin upside down – in the direction you walk … because when coming to a crossing it became a bit tricky if not holding the GPS like this – because left became right and the opposite, we soon learned that.

I read all maps like that by the way, so much easier. I learned that from my German finance, Hans – that test drove cars as part of his job and was an expert on reading maps. We found our way around Paris without any problems at all. We didn’t use Metro or public transport once -walked everywhere – both day and night. A doddle – a walk in the park.

So for Berlin I bought the Berlin CityXplorer and down loaded online– fantastic and so easy. The best tool I ever invested in for my travelling. My favorite ALL TIME gadget and my only one , if netbook and Mp4 player don’t counts.

Going to phone Swedish Garmin now and ask about US & Canada, but I think I have to download the North American Map first to be able to download Chicago and Vancouver CityXplorer and that means the GPS will be messed up – unfortunate and never the same again, for Europe. Have been in all 4 cities before and know them quite will – know my way around … so maybe if that’s the case .. I will not use my GPS, but I will ask anyhow.

(text: “cityXplorer™ maps for your street navigator provide the latest detailed roads and points of interest for metropolitan areas, plus enhanced pedestrian navigation¹ — street directions including public transportation.

With cityXplorer map data, you can conveniently download information about your destination directly to your Garmin device. Confidently navigate using the same mapping detail as City Navigator® maps. The low price per download won’t break your budget.
Enhanced pedestrian navigation helps you navigate the city’s public transit. Get directions for where to walk, where to catch the bus, subway, tram, or other transportation (where available). Also learn how long it will take to get there. In some cities, data is even available for transit schedules, such as subway or bus times and routes
Not all forms of public transportation are available on all cityXplorer products.”

Sorry about the blurry photos of my Garmin – showing locations in Berlin – couldn’t get it more focused. Only want to show how in looks in action. “Kör” means drive/walk – but I’m sure that you figured that out by yourself.

Today I’m FREE from big .. bulky maps that I can never fold together properly and FREE  from having to stop to get the map out from the bag – this is the neatest and most comfortable way to find the right way as a tourist in any big city – anywhere in the world. You see, I’m not only a pretty face!!!!

“Sometimes I get my wife and my GPS mixed up …
they both tell me what to do every 30 feet.

Jon Anderson & Vangelis – “I’ll find my way home”

Photo provided by and thanks to:
autism-somethoughts.blogspot com

6 thoughts on “somehow i’ll find my way home

  1. I am lost, quite literally, without my GPS. I had it in the box for a year and a half and finally took it out last year. What a godsend. Rick and I used to argue because I was always the “navigator”. Made me crazy. Now if we’re going the wrong way it’s not my fault. Brilliant. 🙂

    • To be honest I have never manage to come right when using a GPS while driving – don’t ask me why …. absolute nightmare, but as you said – not my fault anymore. Love it as pedestrian- works spot on.

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