and the winner is ……

……….        S W E D E N !!!!

“Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing.”
Vince Lombardi 

41 countries gave us point … only Italy that didn’t give us any … 18 x 12 points – and Europe’s bookies where right – we had a winner.

Swedens 5th victory … and even if I wasn’t that keen on the song – I’m really happy over that we won. 371 points in total and 112 more points more then Russia that came second. 13 years since we won last time.

Personal I loved the Russian Grandmothers – Party For Everybody” – Buranovskiye Babushki.

The best song of the evening without any doubt was “Never Enough” – EMIN – the interval act and this morning I found a free Mp3 download of his track on his website – fantastic track really very different to the video above here, love the drums and dramatic – here is the link:  “Never Enough” – EMIN – Baku 2012. Great to find a new artist that doesn’t come from UK or US. He are a very good singer.

The time is just right for Sweden to host a big event like this. 42 countries will send their teams to us in May next year, the Eurovision 2013.

It’s not for sure that it will be held in Stockholm … we have so many fantastic areas all over Sweden, decision will be made at later date. Just read today that the national area in Stockholm – Ericsson Globe are hold WM in ice-hockey at the same time, so it will not be hold there – my guess is it will be held in Scandinavium a in Gothenburg.

Thanks Loreen … for a fantastic show.

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10 thoughts on “and the winner is ……

    • I don’t think the song was terrible and there was quite a few okay songs – and I think it was the best song that won. Estonia had a good little song.

  1. Thank you …. rather silly – to be so cheerful over that a song has put Sweden on the map for a year, but it was a very exciting voting and fair in my eyes.

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