tonight is the night

“Hell is full of musical amateurs.”
George Bernard Shaw

When Europe compete in music, 48 countries – the Eurovision 2012 – from Baku in Azerbaijan, last years winner.
Everybody say they hates this program and still we all look at it and we don’t have anything nice to say about anyone really.

Heard on the news today that all bookies in Europe has stop taking bets on the Swedish song, “Euphoria” that sings by Loreen – because she is a given winner. How many times haven’t we heard that about our contributions. Last year we came third and that was for me a big surprise.

Of course am I going to look at this totally mad program where neighbouring countries gives each other points – same procedure as every year so fare. Haven’t heard any of the other countries songs this year – last year I put all my votes on Poland, but I think they came last.
Last year 114,5 millions watched the finale on TV –  sent from Düsseldorf in Germany, 21th of May.
This year is it the 57th Eurovision Song Contest.

Everybody remember when ABBA won in Brighton, UK in 1974 – with “Waterloo” ….. the biggest hit of all winning songs ever and what happens after that. No winner has been so that successful  again. 

“Waterloo” – ABBA

In all honesty I don’t have a clue who this Loreen are and I’m not that really keen on the song neither, but what do I know. Hope the bookies are right, because it would be nice for Sweden to hold the next years competition. It brings a festival feeling – and plenty visitors.
Ireland has won most time – with 7 wins and 3 consecutive wins. Sweden has 4 wins in total,  in total  Sweden is one of Eurovision’s most successful countries, and also where the contest is the most popular, having won the contest four times, as well as having reached the top 5 a total of 20 times. Sweden has made the top 10 a total of 32 times.

So let the show begin !!!!! 30 min. left !!!!

“Euphoria” – Loreen

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6 thoughts on “tonight is the night

    • There is some really good songs this year – but they still say Loreen is favorite. Quite like it tonight .. she where brilliant on stage.

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