salad full of sunshine …. larder tuna salad

Yesterday evening – 3rd evening of eating out on the balcony – been busy with getting everything up to scratch with my itinerary … so I didn’t bother go shopping for dinner.
So I looked through larder and freezer, and I was able to do the first tuna salad or Niçoise Salad for this year – it’s a salad that belongs to my balcony – and I eat it often during the summer months, never eaten indoors here in Landskrona with me as a lonely diner
So a can of tuna in oil was my base … don’t like tuna in bairn – taste like sticking the tongue through the window.

Larder Tuna salad, serve 1 person  

1 can tuna in oil (170gr/6oz)
¼ romaine lettuce head, hand ripped
4 large radishes, sliced
70 gr (2.5oz) frozen green beans
3 small skin on potatoes, cut in half
1/3 red onion, finely sliced
1 tomato – cut in chunks
¼ yellow pepper in thin strips
8 greek black olives.
1 egg, soft boiled
freshly ground black pepper
vinaigrette dressing, warm

I suppose every body know how to do … this salad, but I use only one pot – I drain the tuna 1/2 hour in advance. I scrape the potatoes slightly instead of peel so they get that new potato look and boil them whole with skin on.

Boil for 10 min in salted water  – then I add the washed egg .. to the pot – boil for an other 5 min and then I add the frozen green beans and after 4 min more of boiling – everything ready and perfect. Drain it all and cool down the egg and beans under cold running water – it makes the egg easier to peel and the green beans keep their color. I use the potatoes warm and I warm the vinaigrette dressing up for a 30 seconds in the micro wave.

This bowl was all mine – and as always I really enjoy this cheap and quick dish and it’s full of summer for me. Today we where blessed with +28C/82.4F

“Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life”

30 thoughts on “salad full of sunshine …. larder tuna salad

    • I prefer fresh or frozen tuna … but canned is okay too – hate washing up, that’s why I do it – 3 pots for a salad … not for this chef.

  1. This recipe is really helpful! Since I’m on diet for for the wedding I’ll be attending next month! 🙂

    • You can’t only live on salads .. or maybe you can. It’s easy and very tasteful even if canned tuna is used – the warm dressing and potatoes make it really yummy.

    • Thank you so much … and thanks for the link to your website – can never find you – because I signed up through google, I think. Thanks a million for the award too.

    • Sardins …. my summer favorite too – never eaten with poached egg – have to try that. Love my grilled like they do in the Basque – they taste so good down there.

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