one post = 3 awards!

“Your blog is what you say,
when there is nobody standing over your shoulder
telling you what to do.”

All That Charm  – Charm … flattered me with this award awhile ago – sorry for the delay.
Thank you so much. Love the little logo – is’t so pretty, One Lovely Blog Award.
And now it’s time for me to pass it on after I have mentioned 7 interesting things about myself. Pass it on to 15 of bloggers, but I have only chosen 5 – hope nobody will be too upset with me breaking the rules here – also instead of 7 interesting things about me – will post 7 things I can’t be without , that also will tell you about who I’m.

1. My friends
2. My soul & heart
3. My passport
4. My PC
5. My moments
6. My camera
7. My bank accounts

Jo@Jo On Food

Barbara@Just as Smidgen

Thea@Best of Thea

Noeleen@Words Fall From My Eyes

Lori@Lori’s Lane

This award – Happy Blogger Award – I got even longer ago – really bad with doing this at once and in all honesty had I forgotten how gave me this … but a brain like my motherboard – it was the young girl (still don’t know her name) that make cakes with none calories (I wish) – “Go Bake Yourself”. This happy little logo – is a true joy to pass on.

So now I forgotten the rules too … really have to get my act together. Have looked on the net and there seams to be no rules with this award. Like that!

This award I would like to pass on to:

Wendy@Chez Chloe

Justin@Moment Matters

Tilly@The Laughing Housewif

Charm@All That Charm


Andy@My Story To You

So the last one – the Awesome Blog Content Award – that Terry – was so kind to pass on to me – weeks ago. Just suck all those award into my profile and then I forget to pass them on. So Sorry, but I promise to become better. Here are we suppose to give a word for each letter in the alphabet – subject of our own choice and I have chosen to reflex my personality.

A – Adaptable
B – Bold
C – Chatty
D – Dreadful at times
E – Exciting
F – Faithful
G – Generous
H – Humours
I – Impatient
J – Joyful
K – Kind
L – Likeable
M – Maintaining
N – Nursing
O – Obtaining
P – Pedantic
Q – Quality oriented
R – Remissive
S –  Stubborn
T – Temperamental
U – Urban
V – Versatile
W – Warm hearted
X – XL
Y – Yearning
Z – Zippy

And this award I want to pass on to –  Ania@Aina’s Blog & Holly@withoutado

So this was it – and thank you ALL so much for supporting me and cheering me own – as I go along.

“Your blog is what you say,
when there is nobody standing over your shoulder
telling you what to do.”

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27 thoughts on “one post = 3 awards!

    • Thank you so much – have been sitting on them too long – so bad and a lot of my followers don’t pick the awards up and that’s their choice – have not problem at all with that, but I rather pass it on to somebody that does.

    • You’re so welcome .. you always bring a smile to my face everyday. To be honest I don’t understand this with nomination ???? When we have passed it on .. it’s already given. With a nomination there follows a choice of a winner ???? Or have I lost it completely ????

  1. Got my first award quite quickly – had just started and I was sitting there .. waiting for somebody to make a choice of all the nominees and I couldn’t get my head around it – who will pick the winner ??? Who is keeping a record ???? So I pass on the awards now and stop using the word nominated!

      • No problem my friend, my real name is Urvashi – kind of long and traditional, I became nick named Uru and on starting my blog, I decided to have some fun with it 😀


    • I know … can’t keep up with them, but great fun to get them – this last one – need some serious work to .. have to leave that for a couple of day.

  2. I’m so happy that you have received all of these awards…they are so well deserved. Congratulations and thanks for always inspiring us all.

    • Karen, you’re such a sweet soul – I think everybody deserve award – we all do a fantastic job and everybody inspire is some way. You inspire me! Never too old to learn something new.

  3. Viveka! I didn’t notice your nomination. You know, I don’t get notifications from avid visitors like you. Anyways, congratulations on three more awards; and thanks so much for your Happy Blogger Award nomination. It’s exciting to receive awards, isn’t it? Keep the good times rolling!

    • … no problem – it’s not a must .. just because you’re nominated – I don’t really understand the nomination thing because it is already given to you .. when you got it.Yes, keep the good times coming too.

    • *skrattar …. har ett par priser att dela ut, skall ta itu med det denna veckan – så det kommer något din väg också !!! Tack … !

      • 🙂 jag blir förstås glad men känner mig lite gröngöling ännu… Hela blogg-svängen är liksom ny för mig! men riktigt roligt med alla blogg-länkar. Har sett alltför många av den där blöj-varianten… ja, du vet…

      • Vi är alla gröngölingar – du tar ut vidare svängar för varje post du gör – tror dock om du gör den på engelska får du bredare följarkrets. De flesta svenska bloggar verkar som om de är privata småklubbar – medlemmar endast – klubbar för ingbördes beundran. *skrattar

      • Nu har jag kommit på varför jag inte har fått email ifrån dig .. klickat på fel ställe. Har ju missat många inlägg….!

      • Ja, men det har jag gjort från – readers sidan – men det skall funka nu. Massor av post som jag har missat idag.

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