disaster and success – all thanks to “ancorn in my kitchen”

It really started about 4 weeks ago – when “Acorn in My Kitchen” posted her “Blue Cheese, Pear and Walnut Bread”  and all the ingredients talked to me.

So a couple of days later I went for it – and it became a disaster of bread – because I didn’t grease my teflon baking tin. So the bread didn’t leave the tin.

Have been thinking about doing it again – but there has always been something else I wanted to try – like her wonderful “Basil Cake”(as I call it) – that is one of my favourite desserts just now.

So yesterday morning I decided to do the bread and I greased the tin very thoroughly and follow the recipe exactly –  Voilà, it worked, but the bread didn’t want to leave the tin for quite a while, for nearly a hour it rested- became a bit nervous. Also the bread didn’t look completely done in the bottom when cutting it – but when it had rested for an other couple of hours the little bit of sogginess was gone. Perfect to the teeth.

A wonderful bread – that even if there is cheeses, pear and walnuts in it – I had for breakfast this morning and it tasted even better today,  see photo below. So I will have it for breakfast until it’s all gone and then I will bake it again. So easy to make, so long as the tin is greased properly and then just follow instructions.

So once again, Acorn In My Kitchen – thanks for a fantastic bread and experience.

“Without bread all is misery”
 William Cobbett

19 thoughts on “disaster and success – all thanks to “ancorn in my kitchen”

    • Thanks a lot – breakfast gone. Always eat one sandwich per day – and it’s at breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for me. Eat it with my blog.

  1. That does sound like a great breakfast! Its amazing what difference it can make to give foods the right amount of time like leaving your bread to cool – I’ve had to learn to be a bit patient when things come our of the oven!

    • Patient … there is not much of that inside me. *smile – the biggest mistake was that I didn’t grease the tin the first time. Thanks for dropping by .. welcome back!

    • It’s a great loaf .. or more cake really – lucky for me .. that can’t work with yeast. Going to try to grill in skillet tomorrow – could be problems with the cheese inside melting – but what the heck.

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