first libby – then wuppenif = best pork chops ever.

On Friday I got an email saying Libby had posted her week – and there I found this recipe – but she had put her tweak to it – and I understand why she and her husband love this recipe. Absolutely Delicious – she had a link to “Wuppenif” that “own” the recipe. So for Saturday dinner I decided to try it out and here is my verdict.

So was I going with Libby’s version or Wuppenif’s – decided to to go the original recipe – sure I would enjoyed the sauce with the mushrooms, but I didn’t fancy mix mushrooms with chopped gherkins, so that was it. What I didn’t understand was – flattened garlic ????? Never heard the word before – so I very finely sliced it.

The recipe comes from  one of my favorite UK Chef,s – Nigel Slater – have one of his first crockery books somewhere. He stands for simple and great comfort that isn’t to complicated to prepare – always suited me to the teeth.

Glad that I’m so clever as I’m at times – I freeze all left over wine, both red and white for cooking. I don’t even drink a glass of wine  on my own, need company. So I was free from open a new bottle.

In Sweden we don’t have a lot a wired stuff for cooking – as you have in America … but we have finely chopped gherkins, called “Grukmix” and it’s are little sweet – suite me well because I always add sugar to my sauces that I use any alcohol in. “Gurkmix” has peppers and onion in the mix – and we eat with hot dogs, meatballs and  with any meat on the BBQ. Perfect for this mission. Gurka = cucumber in English. 

So I just followed “Wuppenif’s” recipe – and I got the best pork chops ever – followed her advice not to cook them all the way through – while waiting on the sauce to be done and I put the pork under foil in the oven together with my little gratin dish. Can’t only buy one pork chop at my supermarket – City Gross – they with out any doubt the best pork, with their own butchers in store. Not a drop of juice in the packages. So I have to freeze down a couple every time I buy – and I used one out off my freezer and it was so moist.

You who know me by now – would know that I wouldn’t stand and do a gratin for one person – so I bought a fresh  at CITY GROSS (0nly in Swedish)  Alströmer‘s (only in Swedish) with potatoes, carrots and parsnips – then I tart it up with grated nutmeg and some spices and put a bit of cheese on top – the rest I freeze. A brilliant product – even if I had guests wouldn’t I stand and do it myself. Alströmer has their factory 20 min from Landskrona. 

The we come to the fresh vegetables – that is also out of bag from me freezer. If there one thing we can do in Sweden when it’s about prepared food – is’t frozen vegetables – thanks to “FINDUS”, a Swedish company that  have a developed a fantastic Technic  for freezing vegetables and herbs. Only use their frozen herbs for my cooking and very rarely I use fresh, because it’s a lot more flavor in frozen herbs. Their product list – but only in Swedish.

This mix only need 5 min on medium heat in a frying pan and it comes out like fresh, as you can see on my pictures. This mix has sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, onion, broccoli, green beans and green peas in pesto. Stunning product. This is Findus product and a sawer for me – that eat alone 75% of all evenings per year. Worked with them a couple of months one summer – and they really freeze on the day of picking. Factory only 30 min away from Landskrona.

So a big thanks to “Wuppenif”, Libby & Dave …. Alströmer and Findus – for a very enjoyable dinner on Saturday, it took about 30 min to prepare and 10 min to eat, but it was without any doubt the best pork chop I ever eaten.

“The only part of a pig you can’t use is his squeak”

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25 thoughts on “first libby – then wuppenif = best pork chops ever.

  1. Best pork chops ever? Definitely have to test that on my brother 🙂
    They definitely do look delicious and saucy, even to my vege eyes 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. I love pork chops and will have to give this one a try.. if you think it’s the best ever then it’s worth cooking up:) I wish we had such fresh frozen products here.. ours are pretty dismal, lol!

    • We are so luck .. in that respect – because I buy fresh most of the time, but sometimes when I don’t have to go and shop – I don’t do it. My freezer is packed, have to use up. I used very thick chops.

  3. Viveca, flat garlic, you take a clove of garlic, put it under the blade of a wide knife and then thump the blade with your hand. This flattens the garlic and breaks open the clove to release the juices.

    • It’s also called Boston pickle in Sweden – Bostongurka (Swedish meaning “Boston cucumber” or “Boston pickle”) is a type of pickled cucumber relish with spices such as paprika and mustard seeds. It is so popular in Sweden that it is considered by some to be a generic term -.based on a recipe from Hungary.

    • I think it’s because of our winters .. and the products we can chose from today are outstanding, not all all of them – but FELIX they have it down to the teeth.

  4. Viveka, thank you so much for the attribution in this posting (and to Libby whom I must thank separately). I’m so delighted that you love the recipe as much as I do; it’s a dish that really changed how I feel about pork chops, which don’t normally ‘move’ me! Love the conversation here and that a simple dish has inspired it. Happy eating!

    • It’s a really good dish – for me pork chops can so easy become dry – but this is the best chops I ever done. So delicious and thank you so much.

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