strawberries and basil = delicious cake

Basil Cake with Strawberries and  Vanilla Ice Cream  

So soon as I read the headline for this recipe I knew this will be something I would enjoy. And it’s.
Last evening after returning from my mums – I started on this cake – was a bit worried, because there where no baking soda in the recipe, but there was egg so I just did like said in the recipe – except I cut down on the fresh basil with 10 grams, because 25 grams of fresh basil would had been too much for my personal taste.
Other wise I just followed the recipe as it said and I got the most delicious cake I ever tasted in less then 25 min.
Me not being a cream person – I had mine with SIA vanilla ice cream – excellent product, because I can’t buy my favourite ice cream in Sweden, Mövenpick’s Classic Vanilla.

This is a dessert that I will have on the menu – next time .. I have guests. It’s a sweet cake, but it’s to die for.

Thank so much, “Aron in My Kitchen”  – will do the “Walnut & Cheese Bread” next time – give it a second try. Here is the original recipe: Basil Cake with Strawberries and Cream   

Once again I done Libby’s “Spinach and Feta Frittata” – first time I did it – I had to use a oven prof dish, because I didn’t have a iron skillet. Thought mum had hold on to grandma’s old one, but not to be find – so I went on Ebay’s Swedish arm – Tradera – and got a nice little 8″ skillet. This the way it came out – also done to the recipe … only added some grated nutmeg, because spinach need that. A brilliant dish that is so quick to do and taste great.

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

19 thoughts on “strawberries and basil = delicious cake

    • Never eaten strawberries with basil before – had it with black and green pepper, it’s a stunning dessert cake – but 25 gr of fresh basil would have been too powerful for me, the basil I got was very strong in flavor and smell.

    • Thank you …. it taste fantastic – so this will be my new dessert until people get feed up – my bread and butter pudding has been my signature dessert for years … it’s to die for too … send the link to you here – – don’t like complicated cooking, so your cake is perfect for me.

    • Home made ice cream .. that was years ago – still I have a Philips ice cream maker, problem is that I eat the ice cream before it’s being served. *smile

      • me too… i lap up the custard first then eat it when it’s still slushy and going into the freezer. Like a melted milkshake. Can’t wait to have a nice visit with my ice cream maker this summer in the usa.

      • No… I still have my “real” house in the states. All my small appliances, most of my cookbooks, tons of dishware etc. We have been in Hamburg since Jan 2010 and I’ve got what I need here but not much above and beyond that… not the ‘bells and whistles’

      • Okay … now the pennies are following down .. I thought you had moved to Hamburg for good. It was the same with me – kept my apartment in Gothenburg for nearly 5 year, then I realized it was stupid to keep so I packed it all down, so when I moved home again – I had 2 homes to fit into one, but it went very smooth, gave away 90% of my storage home in Gothenburg after paying storage for 12 years.

    • First time for me too … I suppose you could have raspberries too. The cake is very good, be careful so the basil don’t are getting to overpowering. Beautiful summer desserts.

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