let me introduce sweden – through youtube

Now when I’m finished with the A to Z blogging challenge and I have tried to bring a bit of my beautiful and proud country to you – want to finish off with given you a more solid picture of what I’m living in the middle of.

The challenge wasn’t that difficult, but it took time – because I had to dig out so much facts – here I leave it up to “youtube” – should maybe warn you that the language section have some not appropriate words in your ears, but they are appropriate for us.

Had problems with letter “J” – hard to find something, when I already done a post about our biggest national dish, Jansson’s Temptation. Today I relized that I have really made an big error – I forgotten to write about one of the biggest tenors ever lived – Jussi Björling.
So have to come back to him in a special post. How could I forgot the number ONE voice of Sweden. Could have put him under our music – in this post – but he need more space. A fatal mistake on my behalf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let me show you what we Swedes and Sweden are all about in 12 video’s found on “youtube” – think it’s a very true picture I give of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not saying this because I’m Swedish – my heart has always been very blue & yellow where ever I lived in the world. We Swede are a bit complicated and not that easy to understand – we like to have a reason for drinking snaps and we sing silly songs when we do. We get drank and we behave badly sometimes. We are not that easy to get to know – we don’t open up that easily, neither our hearts or our homes. When we do – you have got a friend for life and you’re always welcome.

I’m so proud over being Swedish – and where ever I been working in the world I always brought a touch of Sweden with me – meatballs, lingonberries, Ramlösa (the best mineral water in the world), ABBA, Janssoon’s Temptation, Swedish crystal and Laxpudding (Salmon & Potato Gratin).

When I didn’t agree what they where doing – I always said – That’s not how we do it in Sweden! Most times my surrounding let me get away with doing things the Swedish way.

IKEA has come or will come to you – sooner or later, by itself.

We have also 3 more letters in our alphabet – Å, Ä & Ö … will bring them to you too  – during May.














“I love Sweden. The entire world should be like Sweden. They all like to drink and get naked, and the women are hot. I can’t think of a better nation on the planet.”

Drew Curtis

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14 thoughts on “let me introduce sweden – through youtube

    • Yor’re welcome to us .. anytime !!! I think it’s pretty hard to get a bad meal in Sweden, even on cafes and cafeterias do they have very good standard.

    • Of course you have too …. neither in the middle of the summer or in the beginning of December when every window has welcome lights .. every window in Sweden are lite up. Beautiful, but can be cold.

  1. This is a fabulous post. I will be watching every video, one by one. I just watched the first one and I will watch the rest through out the day. Thank you for compiling all of this. I love learning about other countries and cultures.

    • Thank you so much … I know it will take about 30 min to watch them all – I don’t think everyone will – glad you did. I think it give a pretty true picture about us Swedes and our country. It was fun making the post too.

    • Thanks Lori … I know it was a lot to watch and I’m glad you did. Club Sweden isn’t always easy to understand … *smile Hope this helped.

  2. Wow… this was serious. A strong argument for visiting Sweden… especially when really we aren’t so far away. I’m having issues with youtube??? don’t know why. Videos all look good.

    • That’s a pity .. could be that Germany has a stop on some videos our you network. There was some funny bits – like IKEA and the defense. Of course you should visit – fly or drive … I know you will like it here. Welcome!

  3. Great blog! Ang I love the background music! it makes me feel like I’m in a live opera! 🙂 Great job Viveka! 🙂

    • Thank you so much ….. for your kind words … I hope that post make you want to come and visit even more. Will change the music tomorrow .. thank you so much for the kind words – music made by Benny from ABBA.

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