z stands for zoéga’s

Day 30 (last day) – Z stands for Zoégas Coffee


Now we are back in Helsingborg again, but we are still in my county – Skåne and us living in Skåne, skånningarna – we love our coffee and it has to be strong. For me this is best coffee in the world, of course. Have converted a couple of friends, all over the world to drink it too – so that now means that I have bring Zoega with me when visiting (victim under my own believes).

We Swedes drinks 7.8 kilo coffee per capita – 4th highest coffee drinking nation in the world – Norway leads that league – we don’t mind – they have to be best in something, the Norwegians.

Zoégas, Zoégas Coffee Ltd, is a coffee roasting plant in Helsingborg, founded in 1886 by Carlos Zoega, with origin from Italy. The company has been owned since 1986 by Nestlé.

As early as 1881 opened Carlos Zoega, after having lived in Brazil, a coffee trading in Landskrona. 1886 he moved to a store on Kullagatan 27 in Helsingborg, where the family had both his home and his roastery, with the name of Helsingborg Patents Tea Steamroastery. When Carlos Zoega died in 1888, took his wife Maria over the store and around the turn of the century it moved to new premises on Queen Street where the company still has a shop.1903 created one here Mollbergs mixture and 1918 Horns mix, which would later be called Skånerost. Maria remarried entrepreneur  Johan Svensson and together they got a son, Rudolf.
Their son Rudolf began his career in the company in 1913 and then took over when his father died 1923. He developed the company into an industrial business. He should have said the following about the art of mixing a good coffee:
“To compose a coffee blend can to some extent comparable to compose music. There must be harmony of the compositionshould be fine.”

Zoéga’s – was for many years only known to the Swedes living in the south of the country – but that has changed rapidly through the years. Zoéga is not our biggest brand of coffee – that is Gevalia that’s owned by Kraft Foods .. and it’s also the biggest coffee roastery in Scandinavia .

Their coffee blends today is;
Mollbergs blend – dark roast coffee made in 1903 at the request from the chef at the prestigious Hotell Mollberg – today Hotel Marina Plaza in Helsingborg.
Skånerost – dark roast coffee that originally had the name Hornsmix, created 1918th
Blue Java – the company’s version of the Java Coffee.
Mezzo – the roasted coffee made from coffee beans from East Africa.
Intenzo – dark roast coffee based on a blend of coffee beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Kenya.
Forza – extra dark roast coffee based on a blend of coffee beans from Brazil and East Africa.
Pasión Colombia – roasted coffee beans from Colombia.
Organic – dark roast KRAV certified coffee.
Presso – specialty coffee for presso brewers.
Espresso – pre-ground espresso coffee.
Espresso Palazzo – fine dark roasted espresso coffee. Available -ground and whole coffee beans.
Hazienda – dark roast coffee labelled Fair Trade and KRAV.
Estanzia – slightly dark roast coffee labelled Fair Trade and KRAV. The beans come from Central and South America and East Africa
Dark TemptationMY COFFEE – the beans are from the mountains in East Africa mixed with the Brazilian pearl bean that gives a taste of star anis and hazelnut
Black Velvet, launched this year – the beans comes from Villa Rica Valley in Peru and has taste of chocolate, fudge and red berries.

For every Christmas there is a Christmas Blend – that are different blends every year.

Zoégas old shop from around 1900 is still in the same location on Drottninggatan, 30-36 in Helsingborg. The furnishings are from 1931 and you can buy all types of coffee in the company’s catalogue, plus a lot of flavoured coffees.

Of course Carlos Zoéga has his name on one of our purple trains!                                                                  

Photos provided by;
tankarochtradgard.tradgard.se/nestle-nordic.com/ nordefors.blogspot.com/arla.se/


10 thoughts on “z stands for zoéga’s

    • Don’t worry …. I have the same relationship to tea, but there is a big difference between coffee and coffee. Starbucks has one of the worst coffees on the market. Only drink one mug per day, but it has to be quality then.

  1. Have you ever tried cold brewing coffee? Makes it less acidic and easier on the tummy.
    Fortunately, I’ve never developed a true coffee habit and don’t have an issue with it.. But I love it now and drink much more than I use to. I buy a coffee roasted down the street.
    I also drink a cup of green tea every morning.

    • Tea and me – we don’t get along at all .. and today I only drink one cup per day – and I’m fine with that at home, don’t want more. Cold brewing coffee must taste like dishwater *smile – has also to do with my “leaking problems” – but on holidays and with friends I drink more. Love my coffee, but not just any coffee – very picky. You have very good coffee in Germany – never had a bad cup there. Have also to do with your water, I guess.

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from the Post A-Z Road Trip.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge.
    I’m a coffee drinker, but I don’t like it too strong and chocolate…let’s just say the mere mention of it makes me want to move my hips as if I’m Salsa dancing! (LOL) You guessed it, I’m a chocoholic! Loved this post, especially the quote! (smile). Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…

    • Andy … thank you so much for the playful replay and for stopping by. Love quotes and there is so much out there to choose from. Hope to see you again … will come over and visit you during the day. All the best Wivi

  3. I just got back from visiting Sweden and Denmark. I was in Helsingborg and bought Zoega’s on my relatives recommendation – they live there. It is by far the best coffee I have had. I live in Chicago and am looking to buy some for people here. Your definitely on the money about how great this coffee is. I wish we had it here!

    • Andrea, your comment made me very happy, because for me Zogea has the best coffee in the world. I wish I could export it to everyone outside Sweden, but the postage is so expensive in Sweden.
      Brought some with me to Chicago to a blogging siste of mine. Had a fantastic time in Chicago … I always have. Next time I will bring some for you … if you want me to.
      It’s Nestle that owns Zoega … maybe you should contact them.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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