WE … Wery Enjoyable

Last night I watch Madonna’s film about Wallis and Edward – wasn’t to sure if I should rent it or not, because the critics has been very lukewarm against it.

It’s not a movie that I will walk around and think about for days .. but I will probably talk about if any conversation will lead into it. Quite a nice film – the true story mixed up with a love story of day. It must be the love story of the century or maybe that’s Charles and Di’s. Anyhow it seams to be down to the British Royal Household. *smile 

The film was about what Wallis gave up for Edward – very interesting point – because she became one of the most hated women in Europe and in that she gave up her life, friends and everything that was important for her. Her life came to a complete hold when Edward gave up the crown and the thorn, and she never got it back.

That’s one of the reasons why I like the movie. Okay, he gave up his country, family and crown – they wanted to go back to England, but his family didn’t even talk to him.
So they both gave up so much – but for Wallis, she didn’t have much of choice … because when Edward had made up his mind she had to stay with him. She told him to give her up, because she understood how life would be for them and especially for her. He didn’t listen and resigned anyhow.
They where accused of being friendly with Hitler, load of nonsense. Anything for painting them black … but most to get to her.

So I had an enjoyable evening … even if the movie will not get any awards, I would say Madonna did a pretty good job and she at least gave my a different picture of Wallis. Never that I thought Wallis was behind it all – and the driving force. Think the movie gives a true picture that Edward was obsessed by her.

Andrea Riseborough and James D’Arcy, plays by Wallis and Edward – Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac, plays by Walley and Evgeni – the couple of today.

What a bitter love story – and I don’t think they lived happily ever after, but they had to.
Think Wallis was very suffocated in their existence – even if they had a plentiful life when it was about lifestyle.

I think the film had been better received if the story had been only about Wallis and Edward and at times it was difficult to see who was who .. of the two women.  On the other hand I think there not enough on the bone for a story line to make an very interesting film about them only. We know very, very little about their true relationship and romance. Must say I like this movie more than I did with “The Iron Lady” – that I think is very weak, if it hadn’t been for Meryl Streep it would have been dreadful.

I like the movie because of it’s angle.

WE – one affair – two stories

“Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end.”

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19 thoughts on “WE … Wery Enjoyable

  1. You are wrong about the Hitler link, Edward’s ancestors were German after all and there was a strong link to Germany. He visited Hitler and was generally pro Germany which was why he was packed off to be an ambassador in the islands to get him out of the way. I had friends who knew them and she apparently treated him like dirt.

    • What ever … because we have ancestors doesn’t mean that we are one of them. We are entitle to have our opinions. I’m sure that they had loads of problems between them .. I still like the movie, even if I’m wrong or not.

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